South Main Street BBQ Expands with Dedicated Brain Freeze Nitro Cream Venue

South Main Street BBQ from the Historic Waxhaw Foot Bridge. (Photo by: D.M. Wallace)

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South Main Street BBQ has expanded operations at its iconic location at the corner of South Providence street and East South Main street by more than doubling the seating for those seeking barbecue and adding a dedicated venue to serve their Brain Freeze Nitro Cream; an ice cream that is made right in front of you through a blast of liquid nitrogen that turns a mixture of milk, heavy cream, sugar and vanilla extract into ice cream in a matter of seconds.

South Main Street BBQ sign (Photo by D.M. Wallace)

The expansion allows for South Main Street BBQ to offer a full fast-casual dining spot and an exciting dessert experience that is unlike any other in the area.

A Brain Freeze Nitro Cream liquid nitrogen ice cream cone. (Photo by: D.M. Wallace)

The barbecue here is inspired by an award winning blend of Texas, Tennessee and North Carolina styles that came together through South Main Street BBQ owner John Crane’s Killer Q barbecue food truck that has served Waxhaw and the Carolinas at festivals, events and competitions for years.

Killer Q (Photo by D.M. Wallace)

The liquid nitrogen ice cream process is a pleasure for the whole family to watch as a cloud of nitrogen, which boils well below room temperature, engulfs the ice cream machine.

Nitrogen boils well below room temperature creating this cool effect when released from its tank (Photo by: D.M. Wallace)

The knowledgeable staff is glad to peek up from the clouds to guide you step by step through the incredibly cool transformation from basic ingredients into delicious dessert.

An icy liquid nitrogen nozzle (Photo by: D.M. Wallace)

Owner John Crane said that his dedication to the Waxhaw area is the inspiration for his restaurant’s name and that his emphasis is to serve the residents of Waxhaw with quality food at a reasonable price and to provide them with friendly and timely service.

The fact that you can find Crane on-site cooking with his staff and serving his customers speaks volumes to his dedication to his barbecue. The fact that they serve Texas style brisket on the weekends means that you should make plans.

South Main Street BBQ is at 116 East South Main Street in downtown Waxhaw. For more information or to view the menu, visit

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