Spirited Sprout, Providing Sensory Play for All Children

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Spirited Sprout LLC in Waxhaw is an eco-friendly, inclusive play-space and educational resource for children and families focusing on integrative sensory experiences.  Created by Ashley Redden, Spirited Sprout aims to meet the unique needs of every child so they can all experience the joys of play and friendship.

Sprited Sprout
Ashley Redden, owner of Spirited Sprout LLC in Waxhaw, with her two daughters.

A former nurse, Ashley is a strong advocate for children and families in the arenas of mental health and unique learning development skills.  As a mom to a child who thrives on sensory input, Ashley wanted to provide an indoor play option for parents whose children find traditional play spaces overwhelming.  Spirited Sprout offers modern therapy grade sensory stimulation equipment, as well as a real birch playground that brings the feeling of the outdoors inside. 

The playground equipment at Spirited Sprout is all fully adaptable for wheelchairs.  Quiet music promotes a calm play experience with plenty of room for fun, exploration and fulfilling sensory experiences that benefit every child.  Ashley’s goal is to create a space where children can play and incorporate therapy from certified therapists for a full sensory integration experience.

Spirited Sprout gives children access to a wide array of equipment designed to provide sensory input including swings, core reinforcement, climbing structures, and roller slides for deep pressure.

Ashley wants all parents and children to feel comfortable and understood at Spirited Sprout.  Parents don’t have to worry about making quick exits if their child has difficulties. There is a sensory corner incorporated into the area where children and their parents can safely step away to utilize the equipment and de-escalate.

sprited sprout
Children enjoying sensory experiences at Spirited Sprout LLC in Waxhaw.

Spirited Sprout also offers Montessori inspired activities and small yoga classes, as well as storytime led by a speech-language pathologist.   Ashley understands that child-rearing can be an isolating experience and her goal is to have parents feel like they can watch their child play and take a moment to breathe.  For Ashley, playtime is a time to let go of expectations, it encourages connections with others, and can also be a time for parents to relax with a quiet cup of coffee. For Ashley, it’s all about creating a safe space where a feeling of community can flourish.  “Come as you are”, she says of Spirited Sprout, “all are welcome!”

Spirited Sprout aims to create a place where families can gather, create supportive groups, ask questions and seek answers, create meaningful friendships, and connect on a soul level.  For more information on Spirited Sprout LLC, please visit spiritedsproutplay.com, Spirited Sprout Play LLC on Facebook, and Instagram @spiritedsproutplay. Spirited Sprout LLC is located at 136 Waxhaw Parkway, suite D.  Their telephone number is 704-776-6472.

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