Success with a Secure Mortgage Loan

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Sarah Hebb is a producer in the mortgage world.  A mortgage planner with Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group’s Ballantyne office, Ms. Hebb educates consumers to view their home as an investment and asset for the future.  In helping clients to determine their “big picture” dreams, Ms. Hebb shows them how viewing their home as an asset/liability can help them with financial plans for life.

Ms. Hebb graduated from Florida State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.  After being employed as an elementary school teacher for a number of years, Ms. Hebb embarked on the journey of first-time home ownership.  She was fascinated with the process of buying a home, and being a “numbers girl”, she learned everything she could on the subject.  She enrolled in courses, and after a series of high-level exams, she became fully licensed as a mortgage broker in 2015. Securely employed by a wholesale lender on the retail side, Ms. Hebb became a loan officer and assistant to a top provider in the financial arena, who mentored her and taught her the ins and outs of the business.  After immersing herself in the mortgage world for several years, Ms. Hebb opened an office on her own, under Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group.

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, according to Ms. Hebb, is about “family, inside and out”.  The company is incredibly supportive of its employees and the communities they serve. In addition to an impressive business development model, Ms. Hebb states that at Atlantic Bay, she works with “the best teams in Charlotte”.  Atlantic Bay offers competitive rates and programs, providing services for all prospective home buyers, from first-timers and investors to seniors and Veterans. Atlantic Bay provides services for all of North and South Carolina, including Charlotte/Mecklenburg County and Union County.

What sets Atlantic Bay apart from other mortgage lenders and traditional banks is the “Pre-Underwritten Mortgage Loan”.  The pre-underwritten mortgage loan is a program that takes the pre-approval promise of most lenders a step further by having the client’s loan fully approved by an underwriter before an offer is made.  While the pre-approval provides the client with the maximum amount of money that the financial institution is willing to loan, that loan is still not guaranteed.  The pre-approval is only a representation of what you may be allowed to borrow, providing that you meet that financial institution’s qualifying conditions and are considered financially stable.  The pre-underwritten loan, however, assures that the mortgage company has already vetted the client’s financials and has agreed to provide a mortgage loan up to a specified price.  It is a firm commitment letter. This commitment makes a client’s offer on a home more attractive to sellers and allows them to skip the financial contingencies clauses, making the offer look more solid.  This is a clear advantage in today’s competitive market.

There are several reasons why Sarah Hebb and Atlantic Bay Mortgage should be your first choice when considering a financial institution for your mortgage needs.  Ms. Hebb is highly committed to her clients and treats them like family. She is talented, resourceful, and confident in her job. She will assist you in the course of becoming completely approved by an underwriter before entering the bidding process so that your offer will stand out from the crowd.  She stands by her clients, from start to finish, ensuring that they fully understand the intricacies of the mortgage loan process. Ms. Hebb provided three tips for potential homebuyers:

  1. Don’t settle for pre-approval, opt for a pre-underwritten mortgage loan.  This way your offer will stand out from the host of other offers flooding the seller.
  2. Work with a realtor and broker that function as a TEAM.  Realtors and brokers should be working with you and for you.  Communication is key. The better your realtor and mortgage broker communicate, the smoother the home buying process will be.
  3. Remain confident.  The home buying process can be intimidating and confusing, and many clients will do their own research online under the assumption that all loans are created equal.  Ms. Hebb suggests bringing your research to a local broker. They can help you make sense of the information and provide you with tips for your local market.

We all know that financial situations differ and can change at a moments notice.  Any bank or broker can quote you a rate. Sarah Hebb and Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group help you break down the process and all associated costs.  Ms. Hebb takes the time to get to know her clients and their hopes and dreams for the future so that she can help them focus on the big picture.  While not a credit repair consultant, Sarah encourages her clients to take a close look at their credit and will help point them in the right direction with tips on how to formulate a plan for repairing poor credit.  Sarah encourages her clients to think positively, stating that even if this isn’t the right time for you to buy, it is a possibility for the future. She encourages her clients to think in terms of “when” the option will be a possibility.

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group feels that “community is key”.  Their offices offer numerous community events, including Realtor Cares Day, where employees help to repair and paint community houses and partnering with the Roc Solid Foundation, which helps build playsets for children with cancer.  Atlantic Bay also helps generate events for local realtors on how to attract more clients and survive the climate in this ever-evolving housing market.

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group is located at 3430 Toringdon Way, Suite 101, in Charlotte.  You can find more information about Sarah Hebb on FaceBook at “Sarah Hebb Mortgage Planner” and on the web at, or call 704-717-5823 Ext. 5316.

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