Symptom Management With Cannabidiol: Your CBD Source

The four partners of Your CBD Source. (From left: Stephen Verville, Ivonne Cintron-Pecoraro, Christine Cintron-Pecoraro and David Pecoraro) (Photo by: D. M. Wallace)

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A rising awareness of the potential dangers of pharmaceutical drugs and their litany of side effects is pushing consumers to seek alternatives in attempts to meet their medical needs. The potential for abuse associated with many popular pharmaceutical drugs, particularly in the realm of pain management, has made its way to the forefront of the American conscience in recent years, and for good reason. The CDC reports an average of 17,000 deaths related to prescription opioids (oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, etc.) each year since 2016.

The search for a safer method of pain management has led many patients to a compound derived from the hemp plant called cannabidiol, or CBD for short. The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (also known as the Farm Act) federally recategorized the hemp plant as an agricultural commodity, and CBD has gained significant popularity in the time since. Many thousands of testimonials praise the compound in its ability to help alleviate the symptoms of a wide range of painful conditions.

Myaderm CBD cream, one of many products available at Your CBD Source (Photo by: D. M. Wallace)

Christine Cintron-Pecoraro, CEO of Your CBD Source, a CBD provider in the Matthews area, said that her introduction to CBD was in pursuit of relief from sleeplessness and anxiety. She said that she found impressive results. Each of the four partners in the company give credit to CBD for easing their discomfort in a number of ways, from blood sugar and cholesterol regulation to relief from arthritis and nausea.

Pure Cure CBD oil made by Your CBD Source (Photo by: D. M. Wallace)

The goal of Your CBD Source, as described by partner and chief operating officer Ivonne Cintron-Pecoraro, is to provide customers with the education that they need regarding CBD products in a safe and secure environment. Their customers, she said, come to their store because they trust them and their company to be honest, transparent, and educated on the product that they provide. Stephen Verville, partner and head of sales at Your CBD Source, said that listening to customers and being able to understand their individual needs is essential to the company’s business plan. That, he said, means that a customer won’t typically need the strongest or most expensive product. The variety of products alone ensures that each customer will find a product to meet their needs.

Goat milk soap from The Freakin’ Pekin at Your CBD Source. made with Your CBD Source’s own Pure Cure CBD oil (Photo by: D. M. Wallace)

Your CBD Source provides products ranging from soaps and oils to hemp flower and even dog treats, among a wide selection of others. The company has even produced its own CBD oil known as Pure Cure. This Pure Cure oil is used as a tincture, but it is also one of the main ingredients in one of The Freakin’ Pekin’s goat milk soaps. All of these products, said Your CBD Source partner David Pecoraro, have been third-party lab tested for safety and quality, and to ensure that they meet all guidelines for cannabinoid content. This is an important aspect for anyone implementing a CBD product, considering that the industry is still in its early stages. Each product that you receive at Your CBD Source is accompanied by lab results authenticating the legitimacy of your product. 

For more information regarding CBD and whether it may be right for you, call Your CBD Source at (704) 443-7003 or visit their store located in the Matthews Festival Shopping Center open every day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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