Tavern Night at the Museum of the Waxhaws

Dena Sabinske, Dodi Mounce, James Mounce (Director of The Museums of the Waxhaws) and Jaqui McDonald at "The Rough Edge Tavern."

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The Museum of the Waxhaws hosted their first annual “Tavern Night” on June 23rd, 2018.  This fundraiser was created to help raise funds for the museum and highlight the new addition of their event room.  Thomas Hall, Director of the Museum, explains that on this first tavern night at “The Rough Edge Tavern” they are expecting at least 100 guests and volunteers will come together. They featured DreamChaser’s beer, coffee from Crossroads Coffee Shop, as well as a full catered dinner. “George Washington,” “Ben Franklin,” and his wife “Deborah Read Franklin” along with “Abigail Adams” were there to interact with the guests and entertain them with monologues. Carriage rides with Southern Breezes Farm and a silent auction were also part of the festivities.  Future events at The Museum of the Waxhaws include: Pirate Day on August 25, 2018 and Art at the Museum on September 22, 2018.

Bill Davis (L) (guitar and banjo) and Greg Bass (R) (guitar), from Monroe, perform at Tavern Night at The Museum of the Waxhaws.
Dr Kelli Lynn Fellows (Center) and Dr Sandra Holley (Right) (Director of the Museum of the Waxhaws) are from Pfeiffer University in Charlotte and Misenatimer, NC. They are enjoying a drink at “The Rough Edge Tavern.”
(LtR) John Starnes, Robert Rhyne, and Jimmy Rhyne are volunteers who came to see what kind of fun could be found at the tavern. Taverns were meeting places for the communities and a great place to hang out.
Bridger Medilin with Southern Breezes Carriage Rides drives Shanaynay and Moses. (LtR) “George Washington”, Kerry Toggweiler and “Frances “Swamp Fox” Marion” (played Norm Smith) pose with the carriage.
Cindy Masucci (center) with Southern Breezes Carriage Rides talks to “Frances “Swamp Fox” Marion” (played Norm Smith) about his costume and fire arm.
Barbara Funderburk (standing), Director of the Museums of the Waxhaws, with “Abigail Adams” sitting in the background.
(RtL) Angela Sutherland, from Waxhaw, came for the fundraiser in a leftover Halloween costume that she converted for the event. “Frances Marion” played by Norm Smith, Becky Rishel (Angela’s guest), Gay McGee Diller, (who is on the board of directors and her dad was one of the founding members of the foundation), Brett Diller, Lorrie and Don Murray, Charlie Diller gather at “Rough Edge Tavern”.
TJ Scronce (right) challenges Tim Scronce to a duel after a “disagreement” at “The Rough Edge Tavern” during Taven Night at The Museums of the Waxhaws.
(LtR) Melinda Bain, Charlie Bain and Laura Bain pose on the steps of the Seacrest Cabin circa 1830s. This was the home of a local family and it was moved to the museum. It was occupied until the 1960s and there used to be 7 kids living with their parents in the one room house.
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