Teaching Skills for a Secure Future at Carolina Kid Coders

A lego creation at Carolina Kid Coders (Photo by: D. M. Wallace)

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Coding and programming are the careers of the future, and possibly the most influential careers of the present. Our interconnected lives, with multitudes of conveniences, and unimpeded communication abilities, are built on code. Without coders and programmers, the very fabric of our digital society would cease to exist. That is why organizations like Carolina Kid Coders, in downtown Mineral Springs, are so important.

Scott Farmer hard at work (Photo by: D. M. Wallace)

Ken Adelglass, the founder of Carolina Kid Coders, teaches his students a skill of immense value. Code is in everything that we do, Adelglass said. It’s in everything from our phones and tablets, to our washing machines and dishwashers. It’s a skill, he said, that kids are going to need. 

Carolina Kid Coders offers multiple learning formats, and difficulty levels, for young people of all skill levels. With a drop-in program, appointment classes and a summer coding camp, there is a class to fit all schedules as well.

Caira and Anya Rahim pose after a morning of coding (Photo by: D. M. Wallace)

Whatever your child’s programming goal is, it can be met at Carolina Kid Coders. Whether they want to be a pro at making Roblox games or a whizz at making Minecraft mods, Adelglass said, there is a course at Carolina Kid Coders for that. Other courses that Adelglass offers include a lego robotics course, and digital electronics courses featuring the Arduino open-source prototyping platform, and Raspberry Pi single-board computers.

Student mentor Ryan Essemmacher at Carolina Kid Coders (Photo by: D. M. Wallace)

There are tremendous opportunities in the field of coding, Adelglass said, due to a shortage of technical employees with the skills necessary to do the jobs. These skills are exactly what Adelglass hopes to teach to his students, all while providing an environment of collaboration and mentorship that inspires familiarity and confidence in what can seem like a totally foreign field.

Scott Farmer works out a problem at Carolina Kid Coders (Photo by: D. M. Wallace)

There is hardly a more useful skill than coding in our digital world, and there is no better place for your children to learn this immensely valuable skill than at Carolina Kid Coders. Visit carolinakidcoders.com to learn more, or drop by the new location in downtown Mineral Springs between 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. to see if a class at Carolina Kid Coders is right for you and your child.

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