Terrific Scientific Challenges Kids Minds

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Are you currently looking for a summer camp for your children?

If so, then you may want to consider signing them up to attend the summer camp at Terrific Scientific!

Terrific Scientific, a company that was founded by Jill Long after she saw a need for hands-on STEM focused day camps in Charlotte, allows kids between the ages of 4 and 15 to learn about science, math, technology, art and engineering by participating in hands-on activities.

There are numerous programs that children can participate in while attending the summer camp at Terrific Scientific.

“We offer children the opportunity to try something new, experience more of what they love and get hands on experience with potential career options. It’s a chance for them to spend time with old friends, make new friends, learn and just have fun being kids,” Long says.

She went on to say, “We offer parents an easy and fun way for their children to remain engaged in the learning process through the summer months in a safe and encouraging environment. With our unique balance of hands-on minds-on academic, social, recreational and team building activities, kids are never bored. They are tired and happy at the end of the day and can’t wait to come back the next morning.”

There are numerous benefits that each child can gain from participating in either of the programs.

“Major benefits for children who participate in Terrific Scientific are that they keep their minds active and engaged in the learning process and develop team work and social skills, which prepares them for their futures. Whether they are building houses, performing surgery or working with computers or software, they will need to have the benefits of a STEM based education. Hands-on STEM activities encourage children to ask questions, identify potential solutions, try them out, revise and come to final solutions. In addition, STEM develops critical thinking skills which have never been more important. Of course, all they’ll be thinking about is how much fun they are having,” says Long.

Bejal Mehta, a parent of a 6 and 9-year-old, signed her kids up for the program because she wanted them to learn about science while participating in interesting hands-on activities.

“We signed our children up for science camp because we wanted them to be stimulated in the summer and they have shown interest in the science field. My husband and I both come from a science background so we want to make sure they have a strong science background and have fun while learning about it,” says Mehta.

Mehta loves the programs offered at Terrific Scientific because they have provided her children a unique and positive opportunity to learn science in a hands-on environment and has given them enthusiasm towards learning and understanding more about the world.

In addition, she also loves that Terrific Scientific provides an opportunity for her kids to get exposed to both math and science while being given more individual attention than in a traditional school setting.

This is truly a great program for my kids to learn about science. The program is not only extremely fun and hands-on, but also very educational. The instructors are really experienced and knowledgeable in the areas they teach. My kids truly had a great learning time at camp and are all looking forward to coming back this year, she says.

In the past, Mehta’s kids have attended the Space Engineering, Future Robot Creator, Jr. Chemist, Jr.

Paleontologist and Stop Motion Explosion camps. However, this year they will be attending the Robot Engineer, Space Engineering and Future Physician camps.

My children love going to Terrific Scientific each year because they have learned so much in the past from it and they keep applying it to their daily life at school and at home. They also get to see some friends from school at the camp and have built a relationship with many of the counselors, she says.

Mehta and many other parents have noticed that their children have learned a lot of interesting things while attending the camps.

“Having Terrific Scientific is such a wonderful way to motivate and teach our children the importance of science in a fun and friendly environment so they can become our future scientists, inventors and leaders! I can’t think of a better way to get my kids excited about science and wanted to pursue education goals to obtain a career in the scientific field, she says.

“Terrific Scientific provides kids with an interest and a curiosity of how things work. They demonstrate to the students a sense of discovery in many applied science levels. The students learn by doing and engaging various experiments vs. just lecture and short lab experiments. More time is spent with students engaged in hands-on activity that promotes a full comprehension of what is to be learned, she added.

In the future, Long plans to continue to offer more programs that will continue to teach children about science, math, art, technology and engineering while allowing them to engage in hands-on activities and work along-side their peers.

“There are many avenues we would like to pursue and many ways we would like to work with the community. We will focus on those later this year. In addition, we are working on school day curriculum as well as a variety of after school options,” she says.

To learn more about Terrific Scientific you can visit http://terrificscientificnc.org/ and to ask questions about present or future summer programs you can contact Jill Long at hello@terrificscientificNC.org.

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