“The Gospel Truth” features residents of Waxhaw sharing memories

Kay Carnes (center) holds a copy of the original play created for Waxhaw's Centennial in 1989 while newspaper clippings are passed around.

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Kay Carnes (center) holds a copy of the original play created for Waxhaw’s Centennial in 1989 while newspaper clippings are passed around.
Gladys Kern (standing) speaks about the Waxhaw Women’s Club involvement in the Waxhaw Centennial celebration.
Russell and Kay Carnes talk about their memories of Waxhaw during “The Gospel Truth” on August 17, 2018.
Russell Carnes shares his memories of his high school prank at “The Gospel Truth.”
LtR Margie Timmons, Joyce Blythe, and Jamie Hall talk in a small group during “The Gospel Truth.” Blythe will be one of the featured speakers next month on September 21, 2018.

Hosted by the Waxhaw Entrepreneurs on the third Thursday of the month, “The Gospel Truth” features lifelong residents of Waxhaw sharing their earliest memories.  With a new speaker every month, the program is designed to share the oral history of Waxhaw.  For residents new to town or those who are younger, this series lets you in on the secrets and interesting moments that have happened where you live now.

On August 17, 2018, Russell and Kay Carnes shared their memories.  Stories included  both funny and somber moments but were always interesting.  Russell admitted his involvement in the senior prank of sneaking a cow into the high school and the repercussions of the entire school smelling like Lysol and, even though they were caught, they weren’t expelled.  Many participants shared stories of how they made money when they were growing up.  Cotton picking was popular in the area since Waxhaw boasted two cotton gins, three cotton marketplaces, and a railroad for shipping.  Kids usually received $0.02 to $0.03 per pound of cotton picked.  They also shared their memories of the old Waxhaw Bank downtown being robbed in 1955.  Supposedly, the robbers haul included $500 worth of pennies that were placed into onion sacks.  The robbers were never caught.

One of the highlights of the evening included the celebration the Waxhaw Women’s Club organized for Waxhaw’s Centennial in 1989.  They even invited the Governor of North Carolina three years in advance!  Kay Carnes and Gladys Kern also brought newspaper clippings about the celebration and a copy of the original play that was created and held for the centennial.

Next month, on September 21, 2018, Joyce Blythe and Melvin Faris will be the featured speakers.  Blythe has promised to tell the story about how an outhouse ended up on the railroad tracks, so don’t be late!

“The Gospel Truth” is held every third Thursday of the month from 6pm until 8pm at 216 W. North Main Street in the Waxhaw Entrepreneurs Co-Working space.

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