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Austin Williams, Clinic Director and Physical Therapist, works with a patients hip while another patient uses a bike in the background.

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The Waxhaw PT Center is located in the Waxhaw Professional Park on Providence Rd.
Todd Koos, Owner of PT Center, poses in the waiting room of his Waxhaw office.

Todd Koos, Owner of PT Centers and PT, Cert DN, Cert. SMT, Cert. MDT, MDiv., FAAOMPT, knew he wanted to help people through physical therapy back when he was in high school. A member of the Iowa High School Football Players Hall of Fame (2006), Koos was injured during a game in his Junior year. He thought he was going to miss the big game on Friday against the rival high school, but after three intense days (and many more weeks afterward) of physical therapy and a very supportive knee brace, he was able to play and have one of the best games of his life. Koos knew that without the specialized knowledge of a licensed physical therapist, he would never have had the chance to be as amazing as he could be. And now he has brought his knowledge and passion to the Charlotte Area with four locations of the PT Center to choose from.

Koos is also passionate about serving Christ. He originally came to the Charlotte area over 16 years ago to plant a church with his wife. At the same time, he opened a PT Center in Monroe and was wearing himself out trying to put his all into both. One day, Koos explains, he came home and had “forgotten his wife’s name,” so he went on a retreat to a Pastor’s Conference where he heard from the Lord that he could be a pastor where ever he went and he should be training others to do the same. When he came home, before he had said a word to his wife, she looked at him and said, “Honey, I already know. I’m onboard. Let’s do it!” So he left the leadership of the church, took out a small business loan, and focused all of his energy on making an outstanding PT Center.

Physical Therapist, Austin Williams, gets on the table to help with stretching out a client.

Koos explains further about how he has grown PT Center, “We are the only multi-site private practice that maintains appointments on the hour vs. 40min, 30min or 15 min.  This allows more 1-on-1 time with each client.  Our specialists spend more TIME to TEACH and to TOUCH.  Many of the [other] practices are so busy that the therapists never take the time to actually put their hands on the body to mobilize, stretch, and strengthen the injured area, they just point to machines and say “do that and come back when you are done”.  We hear this difference from almost all of the patients who come to us after having been seen in another practice.  They are very grateful that someone is actually watching and teaching them how to progress as well as do the movements correctly.”

And the Physical Therapists at PT Centers know about sports injuries and healing because they are athletes themselves. “Our therapists are cross-fitters, swimmers, Spartan athletes, and runners so we understand how to recover from and treat a myriad of injuries and orthopedic conditions.  Additionally, the majority of my 30 years has been in treating and getting post-graduate training is in Lower Back and Neck pain with an emphasis on headaches, so our therapist get a big dose of mentoring in this area in order to bring consistent care in each of our offices in these areas.” Koos shares.

Wondering what all those acronyms after Koos name are? Here is the breakdown: PT: Physical Therapist; Cert DN:  Dry Needling Certified; Cert SMT:  Spinal Manipulation Thrust Certification; Cert MDT: Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment, McKenzie Method; MDiv:  Masters Degree in Divinity from Oral Roberts University; and FAAOMPT:  I am a Fellowship-trained Manual Therapist (Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy). Koos clarifies that they are the only company in South Charlotte/Union County where 100% of the therapists are trained in Dry Needling and Spinal Manipulation.

The walls of PT Center Waxhaw are covered with Thank You notes.

There are a few things that Koos wanted to make sure are clear. First, “You do not have to have a prescription from a doctor or specialist to come see us. If you have pain, stiffness, headache, a sore muscle, or a joint that is just not working right, all you have to do is call or drop in.  Walk-Ins are Welcome.” Secondly, “I wish first-time patients knew that we are truly different than our competition: 1- The model of care is dynamically different; 2- The ease of getting in for appointments (you do not have to wait 2-3 weeks to get an appointment and to start feeling better) as we attempt to get new patients in within 48 hours of their call; and 3- “Direct Access”: this is possibly most important.  North Carolina is a “direct access” state.  We are just like a primary care doctor or a chiropractor.”

PT Center details can be found at

So there is no reason to wait if you aren’t feeling your best physically, call and schedule an appointment with one of PT Centers’ four locations in Monroe, Waxhaw, Matthews, or Charlotte. Please check out for more information, and don’t forget, PT Centers are a “A GREAT experience. . . with INCREDIBLE results.”

A dry needling system and a set of manual cups and scrapers await the next patient in need at the PT Center.
The waiting room at the PT Center in Waxhaw, NC.
Austin Williams, Clinic Director and Physical Therapist, works with a patient’s hip while another patient uses a bike in the background.
Physical Therapist, Austin Williams, gets on the table to help with stretching out a client.
A set of cups and a percussion massage gun are ready to help people feel better at the PT Center.
A client works on balance and walking in front of PT Centers motto.
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