The Spring Real Estate Season is Upon Us

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Ah, Spring is finally here.  Well, in a week, anyway.  Birds are chirping, temperatures are warming, and flowers and trees – and weeds if you’re not careful – are blooming.

That also means the Spring Real Estate Season, which kicks into high gear around the same time as Spring Break, is nearly upon us!

Are you thinking about entering the Housing Market this Spring?  If so, it’s not too late to do some last minute prep to get ahead of the competition.

The infographic below is full of many useful tips for home buyers and home sellers entering the Housing Market in the next few weeks.  Actually, these tips are useful no matter when you plan on buying or selling a home!


a) Get Pre-Approved! – No responsible seller will take a non-qualified offer seriously.

b) Know Your Wants vs. Needs – What does your home absolutely have to have on Day One, and what can you add later or live without?

c) Find an Agent with the “Heart of a Teacher” – You will need guidance throughout the transaction. Your Realtor® should be there to make sure you understand every step along the way.


a) List Now for Less Competition! – This obviously applies to time of lower inventory, i.e., Winter and Fall markets, the first of which we are still in for just a little while longer!

b) Price your House Right! – You’ll sell for more and in less time if you price your house correctly at the start than you will if you start high and reduce later.

c) De-clutter Your Home & Increase Curb Appeal – First impressions matter most! I like to take it a step further and offer staging consultations from an award winning interior designer.

Whether you are buying or selling this Spring or sometime in the future, hang on to these tips because they will come in handy at some point.

And, of course, call your trusted Skyecroft Realty Group agent to provide guidance “with the heart of a teacher” at every step along the way.

Happy Spring Selling Season!

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