To The Marvin Ridge High School Class of 2022 Graduates, From Mayor Pollino

Mayor Joe Pollino

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MARVIN, NC – On behalf of the Village of Marvin Council and myself, we would like to congratulate all of the Graduates of the Class of 2022 at Marvin Ridge High School.

We are very aware of all of the hard work you have put into your time at Marvin Ridge High School over the past four years.  Having a past graduate of MRHS and two current students working their way through the high school program, I truly appreciate all that you have accomplished!

From success in academics, athletics, artistic expressions, and more, we as Council Members of the Village of Marvin are very proud of what you have done and who you have become.

A new chapter in your life is about to begin, and we are hopeful and excited to see where your paths may lead.   There were, no doubt, many challenges to overcome, and many more may lie ahead for you.  You have already dealt with the brunt of a pandemic, changes in class policies and schedules, and decisions on what you will do next. We encourage you all to follow your dreams and find something you love to do or be a part of something that will make a positive difference for yourself and others.  We wish you all the best!


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