Toastmasters of Waxhaw Youth Leadership Program teaches children public speaking skills

Toastmasters of Waxhaw Youth Leadership Program - Class of Summer 2018

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Toastmasters of Waxhaw sign and awards at the Toastmasters of Waxhaw Youth Leadership Program.
Harshini Jeyarajadurai, in the Girls 10 and Under class, stands up to present to the group.
Harshini Jeyarajadurai talks about bottle nose dolphins during her presentation to the Girls 10 and Under class.
Ramya Ananthraja, in the Girls 10+ class, presents about the power of meditatio including how to relax by using meditation to combat the effects of daily stress in as little as 20 minutes a day
The class then practiced active listening skills by talking about the speech and what makes it a great speech.
Tom Grimm, President of Toastmasters Waxhaw, talks with the class about how being a Toastmaster is about evaluation. Evaluating what we are doing right or wrong and working with constructive criticism. We should be able to process praise and criticism to improve our public speaking.
Rishabh passes a baton during an exercise where each of the students continue a “rap” by rhyming with the last word used.
Toastmasters of Waxhaw Youth Leadership Program – Class of Summer 2018
Sammy, from the Girls 10+ class, speaks to the entire assembly about plastic and it’s history and effect on our world.
Sam, from the Boys 10+ class, presents a speech he prepared on global warming without any notes. The back of the machine that tracks his speech time is in the foreground.

Toastmasters International is a worldwide club that empowers people of all ages to become effective communicators and leaders.  They focus on teaching members how to effectively engage in conversations, be comfortable speaking in public, and be the leaders the world needs.  The Youth Leadership Program was an eight week course that was attended by 52 children.

Anu Dev, a mom of two, wanted her kids to be more comfortable with public speaking.  She had a group of similarly minded parents but was having a very difficult time finding a venue. Pastor Robert Shah helped them find a home at Bethany Church. They were able to work with the church and Toastmasters of Waxhaw to provide the course to the students.  The students created presentations, worked in groups to improve their active listening skills, developed ways to offer and receive constructive criticism, and learn how to self-evaluate their speaking.  They also worked to improve their impromptu speaking and learned parliamentary procedure.

Elmer Hill, DTM is the Toastmaster District Program Quality Director of NC. “I was invited to come and be part of to the celebration and I am happy to be here.”  Tom Grimm, President of the Toastmasters of Waxhaw, led the program finale and introduced the night’s speakers.  Presentations were given by a selected member of each of the classes, Girls under 10, Boys under 10, Girls 10+ and Boys 10+. 

The Youth Leadership Program would like to continue with regular meetings for the kids and are looking for a location that will allow them to continue to meet past the end of the course.

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