Top 5 Reasons You Need To Print Your Photographs

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Without printed photographs, memories fade.  Short term memory only lasts an average of 20 seconds. Studies suggest that being able to access something quickly makes us less likely to remember it.

We’ve become a society of picture takers without being print makers, creating a disconnect. Children yearn the security and sense of belonging that comes with seeing themselves in printed photographs, by themselves and especially with their family and friends. We have a responsibility as parents to print our photographs, not only for our children but for their children.


1) The sense of Importance

There is something to be said for the relationship between touch, feel and memory. Seeing a print displayed makes one feel important.

2) Prints Create Conversations, Bring Us Closer

Think of any time you gathered around to look at photographs.  Prints not only initiate conversations, they create connections. Remember the days when you had to send the roll of film out and couldn’t wait to get your prints back so you could see and share them?

3) Prints Generate More Emotions, Which Stimulates Memory

It’s too easy to take volumes of photographs. That means when we scroll through them, we skim. We look at the “surface” of the many images, not the depth of the story. With a print in hand, it brings back the “actual” presence. We start reliving the moment, feeling the emotions, getting into the story of the photograph.

4) The Threat if Digital Data Loss

A large majority of our pictures that we have captured are stored on computers or uploaded to the cloud. Facebook, Instagram and many other applications have made it very simple to take a picture from our mobile devices which will be uploaded immediately to their platform. The ease by which pictures are taken, stored and shared have made us rely heavily on these platforms to preserve our precious memories. However, the fact remains that these memories can be gone in an instant if you have not taken other measures to preserve your data in other ways.  The internet is not the only problem.  Computer and hard drives crash all the time.  Smart phones and tablets get lost or quit working.  Digital files can never be as secure as a photographic print that you can hold in your hand and can last for over 100 years

5) Photographic Prints are the Gift That’s Never Returned


When we want to surprise someone with a special gift, there’s nothing like the gift of photographic prints! Whether it’s a single photograph in a frame or a photo album, the recipient receives instant gratification, as intended, and as do we watching their reaction.

So make it a priority to start getting your photographs printed.  Nothing compares to the pure joy of having a photographic print or storybook photo album in hand, to reminisce, to share, and to help remind us of the things that are most important in our lives.

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