Town of Waxhaw Continues “Growing Forward” with Capital Improvement Plan Projects

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WAXHAW, NC – If you live in or have visited Waxhaw recently, you may have seen signs around town that show images of a project with the words, “Growing Forward.” With significant growth in Waxhaw over the last decade, the town realized the need for long term planning to address complex infrastructure improvements.  

Two years ago, the Town of Waxhaw identified and funded 27 different capital improvement projects to help accommodate this growth. These are major projects that are part of Waxhaw’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The CIP helps to ensure the town has the equipment and infrastructure necessary to serve its citizens.

Of these 27 identified projects, eight are now fully complete with five more being near completion. Improving pedestrian safety around the downtown bridge was one of the main concerns that was identified early in the planning process. Adding stairs, a sidewalk and a crosswalk with flashing lights to increase safety around the pedestrian bridge was completed in the beginning stages of the CIP. Additional projects such as public parking access in certain areas, and overhead street signs for more visibility and safety have also been completed so far to keep up with the increase in population and visitors to the town.

To learn more about Waxhaw’s “Growing Forward” capital improvement projects and the progress as it moves along, please visit:

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