Town of Waxhaw Seeks Public Input on the Development of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan

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As the Town develops its “Waxhaw 2040 Comprehensive Plan” (Comp Plan), the community is encouraged to provide input on how to meet the changing needs of the area. The Waxhaw 2040 Comp Plan will help establish what the future goals are and provide the foundation for zoning and land use rules to fit this vision. The Town of Waxhaw has grown exponentially over the years. With the Charlotte region ranking among the top places to live in the country, it’s inevitable that growth will continue. As the community changes in population and as trends evolve, it’s important that the town’s planning evolves too.

A comprehensive plan allows a municipality to be proactive and have greater control over its destiny. The comprehensive plan, at its core, is a long-term guide that captures the vision for a community’s future. While every comprehensive plan is unique, in general, all address four topics: (1) existing conditions, (2) goals and objectives, (3) implementation strategies and (4) the future land-use map. Most comprehensive plans also include guidance on community growth.

Town of Waxhaw Senior Planner Blair Israel said, “The Waxhaw 2040 Comprehensive Plan is a town staff effort that continues our Growth Strategy work of 2020 which formed the basis for the Town’s current zoning ordinance. These planning efforts were developed through input from public events, focus groups, and public leadership. Doing the work without reliance upon outside consultants not only makes more efficient use of town funds, but also helps us create a plan that’s more directly in-tune with the community and its vision for the town’s growth and future.”

Waxhaw’s goal is to protect and preserve the character of the community throughout the growth process in a smart and manageable way. The town will do this by protecting the health of both the community and the environment, stimulating economic growth, and keeping the town a great place to live, work, shop, and play. Finding ways to meet the needs of the residents and local businesses while preserving the unique and charming aspects of the town doesn’t have to be difficult when planned with input from community members.

The Waxhaw 2040 Draft Plan is available for feedback on the town’s website: The site includes a survey that asks questions about the importance of preservation of natural areas and historic downtown, traffic conditions and shopping options, and local employment opportunities. The survey will remain open until the end of November.

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