Tri-W Residents – Are you a NIMBY or Pro Growth?

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The Tri-W area is growing.  That’s a fact.

I’ve been here for more than five years now and I can already see the change that’s occurred and I’m connected enough to know about the change that’s coming.

There’s new construction everywhere you look, from new home builds in Lawson and Millbridge and new communities to apartments on N. Broome St. in Waxhaw.

There are plans to eventually widen Providence Road and add stoplights at Gray Byrum and Bonds Grove Church Road. And apartments are going up on Church Road just north of downtown Waxhaw.

So, where do you stand on all of this growth?  Are you a NIMBY – Not In My Back Yard – or do you support growth?

More residents in Waxhaw, Weddington, and Wesley Chapel certainly supports more business development, more restaurants and shops, etc., contributing to the quality of life in western Union County.

However, there are some people who have A) lived here there whole lives or B) moved in and want to shut the door behind them who are opposed to more growth.

Personally, as someone who has supported the Waxhaw business community for years, I am for growth and diversification of the tax base, i.e., through more businesses, including the apartments.

However, I also value the quality of life we’ve established with our quaint downtown Waxhaw, shopping in Wesley Chapel, Weddington and Waverly, and a fine selection of restaurants.

In many ways, we have the best of all worlds with small town charm, suburban convenience, and access to the big city, whether you consider that a trip to Ballantyne, Southpark, or Charlotte.

So where do you stand on all this growth?  Do you want to shut the door behind you and exist as a quiet bedroom community for Charlotte, Ballantyne, and Indian Land, SC?  Or do you want our area to be a destination for visitors and an area we don’t have to leave unless we want a different experience?

Email your responses to me at with the title “NIMBY v Growth.”

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