Tri-W Sports Highlights: Two Tri-W Teams are Tied in Conference Lacrosse Standings

Cuthbertson lacrosse fights for the ball

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WAXHAW, NC – Lacrosse in the Tri-W area is set to enter its final week of regular season play following spring break. Two Tri-W teams are tied for first place in the Southern Carolina 4A Conference in both the men’s and women’s divisions, and the final games are set to decide the teams’ postseason seeding. Here is a look at what’s to come in lacrosse as the regular season comes to an end and teams prepare for the playoffs.

Tri-W lacrosse prepares for the last week of regular season play

Cuthbertson and Weddington currently share first place in the SCC 4A men’s division. Both teams hold a conference record of 7-1 so far. Cuthbertson’s overall record is 11-4. The Cavaliers added a sixth win to their streak in their recent game at home against Marvin Ridge this week, outscoring the Mavericks 7-5. The Mavericks beat Cuthbertson earlier in the year 11-3. The final two regular season games for the Cuthbertson men’s team will be against Weddington and Porter Ridge.

Weddington scopes out a play

The Weddington men’s team holds an overall record of 12-3 so far. The Warriors are on a seven-win streak following a 20-1 victory over Sun Valley. Cuthbertson, Providence, and Sun Valley will make up Weddington’s final week of regular season play. 

Marvin Ridge brings up third place in the SCC 4A men’s division, currently beating out fourth place Porter Ridge by two wins. The most recent win for the Mavericks came by way of a 17-2 game against the Parkwood Wolf Pack. They will play Sun Valley, Northern Guilford, and Parkwood for their final week of regular season games. 

Fifth and sixth place in the men’s conference belong to Parkwood and Sun Valley. The Wolf Pack holds a record of 1-6, and the Spartans are 1-7 in conference play. The two teams are 2-10 and 5-9 overall. Marvin Ridge is Parkwood’s last remaining game this year. Sun Valley will finish the season against Independence, Marvin Ridge, and Weddington. 

Weddington and Marvin Ridge dominate the SCC 4A women’s division, both with conference records of 7-1. Weddington is 14-3 on the year, following a 21-20 loss to the Mavericks this week. The Mavericks followed the Weddington victory with a 23-2 win over Parkwood, bringing their win streak to seven. Marvin Ridge will finish the regular season against Sun Valley and Parkwood. Sun Valley and Cuthbertson will be Weddington’s last two regular season games.

Third place in the SCC 4A women’s division belongs to Cuthbertson at 4-3 in conference play. The Cavaliers are 9-7 on the year. Their most recent win, bringing the team’s streak to three, was a 12-4 victory over sixth place Sun Valley. Cuthbertson will play Weddington and Porter Ridge to finish off regular season play. 

Sun Valley has improved their record to 4-4 in conference play after a 21-3 win over Parkwood. The Spartans have a tough schedule coming up to finish out the season, facing Butler, Marvin Ridge, and Weddington for their final games of the year. Parkwood women’s lacrosse is 0-14 on the season. They will face Porter Ridge and Marvin Ridge to wrap their season. 

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