Tri W Super Bowl Traditions

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Super Bowl Sunday- the official unofficial holiday that gives us all something to look forward to after New Years.

Whether you’re a football fan or still trying to figure out exactly what the job of the quarterback is, the Super Bowl brings a reason to celebrate- good food, good friends, and good sports.

Here in the Tri W readership area, residents are just as eager as ever to get down on Sunday, February 4th, despite the Panthers not making it to the Bowl itself. While there may be less blue and black decor painting the living rooms of Charlotte viewers, there will certainly be no lack of spirit; as many local readers have Super Bowl traditions that depend nothing on who’s actually playing.


Arguably one of the best foodie finds locally when it comes to Super Bowl parties is a hidden gem in Wesley Chapel.

Tucked in the back of a manicured neighborhood, Jeff and his wife, Chris Eckert, live on a sleepy cul de sac with their five children. The Eckert family hails from Chicago, and although they love their North Carolina life, they’re happy to marry the best of both worlds whenever possible.

Each year the Eckerts host a blow-out bash that centers around a Chi-town tradition. Specially crafted frozen pizza arrives by way of speedy delivery from Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria; a spot that’s famous for its pies in a city that’s famous for its pies.

Deep dish, delicious, and piping hot, the Eckert’s oven pumps out dozens of steaming slices to their guests for hours while the game rolls on several big screens throughout the house. Mouths water over the cheesey goo, overflowing its dough dam. Jeff tosses the famous round saucers out of the ovens as fast as his guests devour them.

Chris makes guests feel right at home in their welcoming, warm domain, by making sure nobody wants for anything. A roomful of peripheral party platters sets off to the side of the kitchen, and boasts delectable trays of football foods from polish halupkies to peanut butter buckeyes. Plates are never empty. Glasses are alway full.


Outside, the driveway is spackled with the sound of squealing children well into the evening, as the bounce house and babysitters, both provided by the Jeff and Chris, entertain the youngest guests at the family-focused event. The joyful jumping is only interrupted by the pause usually taken at half time when all the guests gather together for an Instagram-worthy photo-op from the deck above.


Active members of Elevation Church, the Eckert’s anual Super Bowl Sunday shindig reflects the crowd found in many family homes across Charlotte as the Super Bowl is played. From friends, to neighbors to church community members, the party-goers are a mixture of people from all areas of the Eckert’s life. And while they may not all cheer for the same team, they can certainly all agree that there’s nowhere else they’d rather be than scarfing down Lou Malnati’s famous pizza with the company of the Eckert seven while watching the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Whether you come for the football or the festivities, Tri W area readers know how to celebrate the Super Bowl in style.

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