Twilite Creative Solutions Puts Together The Puzzle Pieces of Digital Marketing

Jenny Prevatte's specialty is online marketing, and she partners with other service providers to create a complete experience.

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“Anything digital you want to do, I can do for you.” That’s Jenny Prevatte’s  summary of her web based business, Twilite Creative Solutions (TwiliteCS). Prevatte has been working with computers since college, and has learned the technology from its early days.

“When I was in college, I was the only one in my group who had a computer,” she said. So of course, Prevatte was the one who was called whenever any of her friends had a technical question.

Prevatte’s skills led her to work in an Internet Technology (IT) position in an office in the early ‘90s. It was the same scenario all over again. “When you are the computer nerd in the office people ask you for help outside the office,” she said. “I had a side business going the whole time.”

While working her office job, Prevatte learned about sales and marketing. She saw how the visual impact of materials enhanced messaging. According to her website, “As the Internet exploded onto the public stage and became an essential piece of any company’s marketing plan, Jenny helped lead her company and many of the member companies into a future of viable Internet presences.”As times changed, so did Prevatte’s position in her office. She spent less time running wires and managing servers and spent more time handling what she described as “soft computer” work, like websites and graphics. By 2001, she was starting to think about becoming self-employed, and was taking steps to prepare her business for a full-time launch.

Jenny Prevatte’s specialty is online marketing, and she partners with other service providers to create a complete experience.

Prevatte said, “In 2005 I was fired, and I was glad.” She laughed. There was nothing personal about the layoff. The company was downsizing, and it was time to get rid of the position. Everything she did as an employee she could be doing as a contract worker instead. That position elimination led to the freedom of a work-from-home business.

“I like looking at small business marketing plans,” Prevatte said. “Anything digital you don’t want to do, I can do for you.” Her specialty is online marketing, and she partners with other service providers to create a complete experience. She likes to compare her work to taking a bunch of random digital puzzle pieces and putting them together to make a cohesive whole puzzle.

According to her website, “Jenny and her partners bundle their talents and resources to help clients get control of all their online marketing puzzle pieces: website, social media, videos, SEO, PPC, ads, directories, and any other pieces they have.”

Prevatte loves working with small and medium-sized businesses. She wants to be part of the team that leads them to success. Prevatte is community oriented and says she has been a member of the Union County Chamber of Commerce for “longer than anyone of the staff has been a member of the staff.” She is now paying it forward as a Chamber Ambassador.

Potential customers can check out TwitliteCS online at, or on their Facebook page, @TwiliteCS. Prevatte can also be reached by phone at 704-516-0404 or through the email address, Prevatte is also available as a speaker on any of her service topics.

Prevatte’s business was on display at the Union County Chamber of Commerce luncheon on January 19th.
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