Union County Minority Business Owner Makeover Contest Winner Announced

Contest Winner, Colette Hagan, on the red carpet at the Union County Chamber event.

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WAXHAW, NC – The winner of the Union County Minority Business Makeover Contest has been announced. This year the winner is Ms. Colette Hagan, the owner of Perfect Fit Cleaning Services. The prize she has won is valued at almost $10,000. It includes accounting and tax services from TL Turner Group, a new marketing strategy with Digimatiq Marketing, help with her business website provided by Groopwork, business planning assistance from Efficó, and HR services with Employers Advantage, LLC. Perfect Fit Cleaning services will also receive a professionally produced commercial spot with Spectrum Reach.

Hagan is surprised and thrilled to have been chosen as the winner. “I am so excited and grateful for what this means for my company. Working with all the different consultants was an amazing learning experience,” Hagan says. Hagan got assistance with building a good business structure, maintaining an effective HR department, and organizing her finances. However, she says her favorite part of winning the prize was the new marketing campaign she got help putting together. “I learned new elements about building a website and how to boost the presence of my social media sites,” Hagan continues. “It was a challenging experience, but also a great one to have.”

Hagan is also excited about the 30-second commercial spot that is being created. “I cannot believe I get to have a commercial out on a variety of stations. And now that ad will feature a new recognizable and interesting logo,” Hagan shares. “I’m so grateful to the Union County Chamber for offering this honor to businesses.”

And Hagan’s business is definitely one that deserves the recognition. Because Hagan brings fifteen years of experience as a custodian with Union County Public Schools, her business is one that customers can count on to be professional and full of expert knowledge. “Our desire is to be known for making a difference in someone’s daily life,” Hagan explains. “We want to provide peace of mind, security, and relaxation to the Perfect Fit customer. And now, with this wonderful and helpful gift from the Union County Chamber, we can do that even better than we already were.”

With this prize package, Hagan hopes to continue to grow her business. “I am looking forward to hiring more employees and expanding my business to offer our services to surrounding areas in both North and South Carolina,” Hagan informs. “Everyone deserves to be living and working in a clean and safe environment. That’s what makes my company the ‘Perfect Fit’ for every cleaning need.”

To learn more about how Perfect Fit Cleaning Services can help create a clean, enjoyable environment where performance can thrive, reach out to Colette Hagan by phone at (704)291-0999, via email through quality@perfectfitcleaning.com, or follow her new social media journey on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram @perfectfitcleaningservicellc.  You can also visit her website at www.perfectfitcleaning.com.

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