Union County Young Volunteers: Jordan M. Griffin

Jordan Griffin (middle), president of the board of directors of the Core Compassion Project (Photo courtesy of Jordan Griffin)

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Union County is a regular producer of talented individuals.  From artists and scientists to professional athletes and politicians, there has never been a shortage of Union County born achievers.  Among every generation, though, there are those who, by action and example, stand out among the rest.

Of course, professional success is worthy of note, but there is something truly exceptional about an individual that finishes their day’s work and decides that it’s time to give back to their community.  One of these incredible individuals is Union County’s own Jordan Griffin.

Griffin (left) at the Mighty 1190 (Photo courtesy of Jordan Griffin)

As an associate attorney at Stepp Law Group, Griffin has shown the professional world that she means business.  She is a member of the North Carolina State Bar and is a founding member of the Union County Bar Association’s Women’s Section.  She has been chosen this year to serve as the secretary of the Union County Bar Association.

While Griffin’s professional pursuits are profound and her accomplishments outstanding, what truly sets her apart from her contemporaries is her dedication to serving Union County and all of its residents.

Griffin plays many roles in our community; so many, in fact, that a single article could never do them justice.  One of these important roles is that of president of the board of directors for the Core Compassion Project, a non-profit group that supports those battling or recovering from breast cancer.

The Core Compassion Project provides scholarships for pilates based programs that help cancer patients to recover mind, body and spirit and to help ease the side effects of treatment.  The project currently spans seven states and is partnering with studios across the United States in an attempt to expand nationwide. Griffin also volunteers her time to the board of directors of the Alex Kahle Memorial Scholarship Foundation which provides scholarships to young women in Union County each year.

While one would be hard-pressed to understand how Griffin take on this load, her volunteer spirit certainly does not stop here.  Perhaps the most impressive of Griffin’s endeavors is her work with the Community Shelter of Union County.  She has been a lifelong volunteer at the shelter and is constantly working to get others involved.  She has helped facilitate numerous shelter events and has actively raised funds for shelter operations and even new shelter openings.  Griffin co-chairs the shelter’s annual boots and bowties fundraiser and is finishing her third year as the secretary of the shelter’s board of directors.  She has renewed to serve another three-year term.

Griffin said that giving back is what drives her and she has proven that to be true on more occasions than most people ever hope to.  She said that she hopes to continue to volunteer throughout her life and that she hopes to grow and transition into new roles supporting the non-profit organizations that she has dedicated so much of her life to.  She hopes to get others involved and to grow non-profits across Union County and across the country.  At this rate, there is no predicting how many lives will be changed through Griffin’s wonderful work, but we are all surely better off for it.

Jordan Griffin will be introducing another young volunteer having an impact on Union County on the first Thursday of each month here in the Tri-W News.  A special thanks goes out to Jordan and to everyone that volunteers their time to making Union County the wonderful place that it is.

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