Vendor Spotlight: Big Spoon Roasters Flavorful Nut Butters

Big Spoon Roasters nut butters and health bars come in a variety of unique flavors that are healthy and nutritious!

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WAXHAW, NC – For Mark and Megan Overbay, owners of Big Spoon Roasters, health, and nutrition go hand-in-hand with great flavor.  Mark is a self-proclaimed, life-long, peanut butter lover.  During his time spent in the Peace Corp from 1999-2000, peanut butter was a luxury that wasn’t found in rural Zimbabwe.  He decided to make use of his surroundings and create homemade peanut butter.  Mark roasted peanuts over an open fire, pounded them into a paste using stones, then mixed in raw honey, sea salt, and coconut oil.  The result?  The best peanut butter he had ever tasted. 

Ten years later, during a craving for fresh peanut butter and finding none, the idea of starting a business selling handcrafted nut butter was initiated, and Big Spoon Roasters was born.  Big Spoon Roasters believes that food matters.  It matters to your overall well-being and to the sustainability of our planet, and it should be flavorful and healthy. 

Big Spoon Roasters has a diverse line of nut butter and health bars to meet your flavor needs. With health bar flavors that include Cherry Pecan, Cranberry Cashew, and Figgy Chai, you’re sure to find a unique bar that you’ll love.  Big Spoon Roaster’s top nut butter sellers include Lemon Coconut Cashew Butter, Maple Cinnamon Peanut and Pecan Butter, and Chai Spice Peanut and Almond Butter. 

Big Spoon Roaster’s Nut Butters are highly nutritious, good for your heart, and may help lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.  They are also rich in antioxidants, which have many health benefits.  For more information on Big Spoon Roasters, their nut butter, health bars, and their upcoming virtual events, please visit their website at and look for them on the shelves at Provisions in Waxhaw.  You can follow their journey on on Facebook and Instagram @bigspooonroasters, on Twitter @bigspooners, and on Pinterest @bigspooners.

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