Warrior Appliance Repair, Mint Hill’s local appliance repair service

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Do you have a dishwasher? Stove? Refrigerator? Washer and dryer? Then chances are at some point, you’re going to need one of them repaired.

Mint Hill now has it’s very own locally based appliance repair service, Warrior Appliance Repair.

The new business is owned by Jason Healey, a local Mint Hill resident. He has lived here for five years with his wife and two daughters. He comes from a background in electronic repair along with appliance repair.

Healey and his family moved to Mint Hill after he served eight years in the U.S. Army. He was medically retired due to a combat-related injury. He served in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Fixing appliances comes easily to Healey and he enjoys helping his neighbors and those in the surrounding area get more life from some of their household’s largest purchases.

“It’s great being able to help people not only save money from buying a new appliance but get back to the normal pace of life with a quick repair,” Healey said. “Everyone is out here working hard every day and doesn’t have time for something they use every day, like a dishwasher, to break. I try to get to everyone as soon as I can and get the repair made as fast as possible.”

It’s not just about the work though, Healey enjoys meeting people and making new connections.

“It can feel awkward having a repair person in your home and for me as well, so I try to make the experience comfortable for everyone,” Healey shared. “I have met some of the best people and even made new friends while repairing appliances.”

When do homeowners call for an appliance repair service? How can they know when it’s something that can be fixed rather than when it’s just time for a replacement?

According to Healey, it’s always best to call a repair service first.

“When someone calls me, I ask what’s going on and if I think it’s something that cannot be fixed, I tell them upfront,” he said. “However, if I’m not sure, I offer to come out and look and if I can diagnose the problem, from there they only are charged a flat fee to diagnose and I will tell them honestly if it’s worth fixing or not.”

“I’m not interested in making a quick buck from people, I’m interested in helping folks, and serving my customers for a long time, I’d want someone to be honest and fair with me, so I’m honest and fair with others.”

Warrior Appliance Repair is part of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce and when Healey isn’t running around town fixing appliances, you can often find him at community events and volunteering locally.

“My family and I love Mint Hill, we love being out in the community and getting to know the people here,” Healey said. “I couldn’t ask for a better place to live and start a business, I’m grateful to be here.”

To contact Warrior Appliance Repair, call 704-303-4242, or email warriorappliancerepair@gmail.com or search Facebook for Warrior Appliance Repair.

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