Waxhaw Conducts Waxhaw-Marvin Road Corridor Study

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It’s no secret that Waxhaw has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade, with no sign of easing up.  As a result,  The Town is trying to head off some of those growing pains before they become monster problems.  It’s no secret the infrastructure and traffic flow are of great concern to residents, which is why The Town has focused their attention to its Marvin-Waxhaw Road Corridor.  The Corridor continues to be a major thoroughfare for commuters heading to Ballantyne and points beyond. 

While much is already in the works with the state Department of Transportation to alleviate traffic concerns on Providence Road or Highway 16, Waxhaw identified, in 2017, the need to address the critical section of Waxhaw-Marvin Road, extending from Bonds Grove Church Road to the north to Helms Road to the South.  The Town reached out to engage Marvin early on in the process, however, they declined to participate.

In early 2018, The Town of Waxhaw hosted an open house with activities to help focus the different concepts.  They elicited community participation and incorporated responses to help them develop their front-end missions statement, which aims to “promote safe, efficient, and multi-modal travel options that connect people to the places they want and need to go.”

The primary conclusions from the study resulted in safety being the biggest concern, followed by walking and biking ability.  They determined the need for extra-wide sidewalks on one side of the road to accommodate multi-use, such that families can comfortably enjoy the space together.  And though there won’t be a designated bike lane for cyclists, the project will incorporate a center turn lane to enable drivers the ability to pass safely.

The study also identified Bonds Grove Church Road as an area of congestion, citing suggestions for intersection geometry improvements to potentially adding a roundabout where it intersects with Gray Byrum Road.  Input regarding Bonds Grove Church Road was one of three context zones identified in the study, bringing attention to three distinct areas, in an effort to gather more targeted feedback from the public and stakeholders.

There are no designated funds allocated for these road improvements, however, this guidance will ensure that any future development must adhere to these specifications.  Builders, commercial developers, and even the DOT will have to account for these required accommodations going forward.

“This study was so important to get done now, so we all have the guidance and technical data to support any changes we would like to make in the future.”

For more information on the study, visit the Town of Waxhaw’s website, https://www.waxhaw.com/696/Waxhaw-Marvin-Road-Corridor-Study.

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