Waxhaw Covers A Cruiser To Support Special Olympics North Carolina

Waxhaw community officers pose with Cammy Wilson at the Cover the Cruiser event at Dunkin' Donuts Waxhaw

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WAXHAW, NC – This week the Waxhaw Police Department partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts to host a Cover the Cruiser fundraiser in support of Special Olympics North Carolina. Donors had the opportunity to purchase cool memorabilia and place their donation sticker on a Waxhaw Police cruiser in the name of an awesome cause. One of North Carolina’s most talented and dedicated athletes, Cammy Wilson, was on site as well helping to ensure that every donor left excited for the upcoming summer games in Raleigh.

Cammy Wilson and her father Greg Wilson are dedicated to the sports they love

Wilson is an ice skater and bowler. She earned the silver medal at nationals in Seattle and is an athlete ambassador for the Law Enforcement Torch Run. Wilson and her father, Greg Wilson, are looking forward to an outstanding bowling performance in the summer games beginning June 3. Wilson spoke on Friday about the commitment and enthusiasm that brings his daughter success as an athlete noting that they bowl five days a week and skate twice weekly. 

Officer Vic Montalvo spoke on the importance of the fundraiser and how much the community support means to both the police department and the Special Olympics.

“This is our second year doing the event and partnering with Dunkin’ Donuts,” Montalvo said. “Last year we did it on short notice, only three days, and we raised almost $5000. It’s amazing to come out and see the support from the community, having Cammy here helping us out, and just seeing how many people not only support the Special Olympics but us as community officers in Waxhaw.”

Montalvo said that they hope to raise even more money next year upon seeing the impact that the event has on the community.

“Even our students from our elementary schools, and some of those who are in middle and high school now, came here wanting to show support and say thank you for everything that we’ve done. It’s really special to have as much support as we do and it means a lot. Our goal is to keep raising more money every year, and now that we know how much it impacts people personally, it makes us want to keep going higher and higher every year.”

For information on the upcoming summer games, and to see how you can support Special Olympics North Carolina, visit SONC.net or follow the organization on Facebook at facebook.com/SpecialOlympicsNC.

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