Waxhaw Downtown Park Construction In Progress

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Due to the expansion of Waxhaw’s Downtown Park, the area is currently closed to the public. While construction continues, residents are asked to avoid the area for safety reasons as it is considered an active construction site.

The park construction site is strictly off-limits to the public until it is officially opened. Construction sites are dangerous places, and it’s crucial to follow safety guidelines to prevent accidents. Safety signs are posted, but curious passersby may be tempted to get a closer look. This is not only dangerous, but it’s also illegal. Violators are subject to being charged with 2nd-degree trespassing NCGS 14-159.13.

The Downtown Park progress to date includes a new parking lot curb and stone base, storm drain pipes and structures, site retaining walls and the much anticipated pump track, among other updates. Additional work currently in progress or beginning soon includes a water feature, sport court wall, framing of the restrooms, electrical infrastructure and more.

As the construction progresses, news about the project will be updated on the Town of Waxhaw’s website. While the park is an exciting project, the community’s safety is the top priority. Please remember to stay clear of the construction site to allow for safe conditions during this important work on our community amenities.

Once the park is completed, it will be a wonderful place for families to gather, enjoy the outdoors and create new memories. Until then, please be patient and respectful of the construction workers’ space.

The Downtown Park is scheduled to open Fall of 2023. If you have questions, please reach out to dsabinske@waxhaw.com or call (704)843-2195 ext. 278.

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