Waxhaw Reading Room Is Looking For Book Lovers

The Waxhaw Reading Room Used Book store is located at 201 W South Main St, Waxhaw, NC 28173.

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WAXHAW, NC – Founded in 2009, the Library Association of Waxhaw (501c3) (LAW) was created with a goal of encouraging the construction of a larger library in Waxhaw, supporting the existing library, and providing a service to Waxhaw.  A year after its founding, the Waxhaw Reading Room was opened to support the mission through the sale of used books.  They have a wide variety of used and gently loved books for all reading levels and age groups: classics, romance, non-fiction and fantasy, to name just a few.  Shopping in store is just one of the ways that you can help support this local organization.

The Children's Corner of the Waxhaw Reading Room.
The Children’s Corner of the Waxhaw Reading Room.

The Waxhaw Reading Room accepts donations of books, but they don’t have much storage space.  Debbie Kniegge, a volunteer with LAW, shared, “Although we accept many kinds of books, there are some we do not.  Novels and children’s books are always popular and a welcome addition to our selection.  You can come into the store and check with the volunteer staff or visit the Waxhaw Reading Room Facebook page for a complete list of the type books we will and will not take.”

Shopping is easy, fun, and very affordable at the Waxhaw Reading Room.  “It is an especially great place for children’s books—most being $2 or less—and novels, typically priced between $2-$4,” Kniegge explained.  “In the Bookstore, one can also find inspirational and devotional books, biographies, history, classics, science fiction and fantasy books for $4 or less.”

The store and the LAW are run by volunteers, and they are always looking for more help.  “The Store is operated solely by volunteers and the hours it is open depends on the availability of volunteers.,” Kniegge continued.  ‘Volunteers typically work in 3.5 hour shifts, and we need more so we can keep a fuller, more consistent schedule.”  You could also become a Member of the Library Association of Waxhaw.  “For $10 a year, you can become a member and help the cause even further,” Kniegge added.  “Each membership entitles its holder to $1.00 off $4 hardback or $3 trade paperback books.  Stop in the store and pick up an application!”

Cool Books for Hot Days are available at the Waxhaw Reading Room.
Cool Books for Hot Days are available at the Waxhaw Reading Room.

Kniegge stressed that the funds raised stay in the area and are used on local library needs.  “The funds raised stay in Waxhaw—supporting our current library and, at some point, the new one that should break ground later this year,” said Kniegge.  “While Union County has appropriated funds for a new library on Cuthbertson, it is unclear if the current Waxhaw Library will remain once the new one opens.  To date, the Bookstore proceeds have allowed the Library Association of Waxhaw to give the Waxhaw Library over $10,000, and the funds have been used to purchase early literacy stations and headphones, computer speakers, a computer stand, magazine rack, work table and bells for children’s’ programs.”

If you haven’t held a real book in your hands in quite a while, need your next page turner, or want to expand your home library, make sure you head to the Waxhaw Reading Room to shop, volunteer, or donate! 

Waxhaw Reading Room (Used Bookstore); Facebook.com/Waxhaw Reading Room; Libraryassociationofwaxhaw.org; 201 B West South Main Street

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