Waxhaw Road Project Included in Recent Funding Approvals from CRTPO Board

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Charlotte Region Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) recently announced that various road projects have been approved for funding. One of which includes the Downtown Waxhaw intersection improvements at NC 16 and NC 75. This project aims to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety in the heart of Waxhaw.

The state funding, which comes from the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s Highway Trust Fund, will cover $3,262,000 of the project’s budget. The CRTPO also secured additional funding from the Federal Highway Administration’s Surface Transportation Block Grant program. Design work is scheduled to start in FY 2025.

The Downtown Waxhaw Intersection Improvements project involves several key components, including the construction of new turn lanes, the installation of new traffic signals, and the addition of crosswalks and sidewalks. The project will also include improvements to drainage systems and utilities.

“Data gathered from our recent community-wide survey indicated that transportation and traffic are among the top concerns of our residents. The approval of this road project is a huge step in the right direction to solve some of these concerns. These downtown intersection improvements will make a significant impact on traffic flow and congestion and the safety of residents and visitors in the Town of Waxhaw,” said Jeff Wells, Town Manager.

The improvements are expected to benefit not only the town’s residents but also its local businesses, which have been impacted by increased traffic congestion and safety concerns in recent years. The intersection, located in the heart of Waxhaw’s downtown business district, has experienced significant growth in recent years.

“The intersection improvements will make it easier for people to get to our downtown area and support our local businesses,” said Ashley Nowell, Downtown Director. “We’re grateful to the CRTPO and the state of North Carolina for their support in making this project a reality.”

The Downtown Waxhaw Intersection Improvements project is just one of many transportation projects the CRTPO is working on to improve mobility and safety in the Charlotte metropolitan area. With continued funding and support from the state and federal government, the Town of Waxhaw is optimistic about the future of transportation safety in the area.

The CRTPO Board approved funding allocations totaling $59,089,000 in discretionary project funds, supporting 27 projects across 12 CRTPO member jurisdictions. Additional details about the discretionary-funded projects program can be found at crtpo.org.

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