Waxhaw Women’s Club Hosts Bi-Annual Holiday Tour of Homes

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For as long as anyone can remember, the Waxhaw Women’s Club has been hosting its bi-annual (every two years) Waxhaw Holiday Tour of Homes.  Featuring a collection of historic, architectural, and artistic homes, all the event’s proceeds go towards the organization’s philanthropic work, specifically their annual scholarship awards program, with remaining funds parceled out to various charities at the Club’s discretion.

The goal of the Waxhaw Women’s Club is community service, to support the people of Waxhaw and help the community to grow.  Women of all ages are encouraged to join their active and flourishing membership, with often young women and/or new members offering a fresh perspective on getting jobs accomplished and challenging the status quo!

As for the Holiday of Homes Tour, after the 2016 tour, the Club accumulated comments from guests, citing a desire to have the homes walkable from one to another, as well as a common sentiment of particular enjoyment of the more historical exhibits. The subcommittee tasked with identifying the homes this year incorporated those wishes, as they chose a total of eight homes, six of which are right in the middle of town and two, off of Collins Road.  To find these homes, the Club used a combination of leads from members who know someone, to homeowners that actually volunteered themselves.  The latter of which is the case for three of the homes on this year’s tour.

Chairwoman of the Tour of Homes project, Nancy Goth, highlighted that their strongest point in this year’s tour is that there are no cookie-cutter houses.  Most are older, with the exception of two, and five are listed on the national register of historic homes.  Some have been restored following the guidelines of the way the house was originally built, while others have changed the character of the house substantially, for the better.  There is even a Treehouse home featured, which is a private residence, built in and around a cluster of seven trees.

“They’re all entirely different; from different eras.  There will be a lot of instances where people will go, ‘Wow!’” exclaims Goth.

For the first time in the Tour of Homes history, tickets will be sold online on their website, https://waxhawwomansclub.org, as well as in downtown businesses.  Tickets are available at a discount of $20, if purchased prior to November 26th, and then $25 at the Women’s Club on event days. The event itself will begin at 10am on Friday, November 30ththrough Saturday evening, December 1st.

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