Waxhaw Works Together: Empowering Community Engagement for a Stronger Waxhaw

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WAXHAW, NC – The Town of Waxhaw is thrilled to announce the launch of a new community engagement campaign called “Waxhaw Works Together.” This initiative aims to foster increased volunteerism, raise awareness, and encourage active participation in town boards and commissions, event volunteering, and the renowned Waxhaw 101 program.

At the heart of Waxhaw Works Together is the belief that our town thrives when we join forces and collaborate towards a common goal. By actively engaging with our community, we can shape the future of Waxhaw and create the vibrant and inclusive environment we all aspire to live in.

Waxhaw Works Together will focus on three core areas to enhance community engagement:

  1. Volunteerism for Boards: The campaign seeks to increase volunteer submissions for various town boards and commissions. These vital bodies play a crucial role in shaping policies, making informed decisions, and supporting the growth of our town. We invite residents to lend their unique skills, perspectives, and experiences by joining these influential committees.
  2. Event Volunteer Awareness: Events play an integral role in bringing the community together, fostering a sense of belonging, and showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of Waxhaw. Through Waxhaw Works Together, we aim to raise awareness and encourage more individuals to volunteer for these events. By becoming event volunteers, residents can actively contribute to the success of our celebrations, festivals, and community gatherings.
  3. Waxhaw 101 Program Participation: Waxhaw 101 is a highly regarded program that offers residents an in-depth understanding of our town’s functions, services, and operations. It provides a unique opportunity to learn about the inner workings of Waxhaw and engage with local leaders and fellow residents. We are dedicated to increasing program participation by spreading awareness and emphasizing the value it brings to individuals and the community.

Waxhaw Mayor Ron Pappas expressed excitement about the Waxhaw Works Together campaign, stating, “Waxhaw works best when we work together. Our residents are the lifeblood of our community, and their active engagement is essential to shape the future of our town. By joining hands and collaborating, we can achieve remarkable things and build a town we can all be proud of.”

We are using the hashtag #WaxhawWorksTogether across various social media platforms to support this campaign and spread the message. Residents are encouraged to share their experiences, stories, and photos of community engagement, showcasing the power of unity and collaboration.

We invite all Waxhaw residents to join us as we embark on this exciting community engagement journey and work together to build a stronger, more vibrant Waxhaw.

For more information about Waxhaw Works Together and to explore volunteer opportunities, please visit our website at https://waxhaw.com/

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