Waxhaw’s Coolest Cars: Steve Lemon’s Twin Porsches

Steve Lemon's mean machines are some of Waxhaw's coolest cars. Photo by Michel Bowen

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WAXHAW, NC – On the second Sunday of each month, the Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers meet in the name of charity, community, and a love for cars. In our monthly video series, we highlight some of the coolest cars in town, and the owners that make them even cooler. This month the Tri-W News’ featured rides are a pair of Porsches that exemplify the recognizable power and beauty that makes a Porsche the incredible car that it is. As always, the Coffee Cruisers put an emphasis on supporting charitable causes, with this month’s donations going to support Girl Scout Troop 678.

Girl Scout troop 678 brought great cookies to the March WCC meet. Photo by Michel Bowen

Steve Lemon’s matching white Porsches are head-turners to say the least. The two cars, a 1986 911 and a 1989 928, are some of the most exciting cars you will see at a meet, with an owner that exemplifies cool car culture. In this excerpt from the Tri-W News’ video coverage on the pair of cars, Lemon fills us in on some of their story and what makes them so great.

First, Lemon introduces his G-Model 911, a car that he and the Porsche community hold in high regard. You can still see its influence in the 911 models of today. 

“The car that I brought today is my 1986 Porsche 911. It’s a G-Model, which  basically ran from 1973 through 1989. It features a 3.2 liter air-cooled motor and a 915 transmission. In my opinion, it’s probably the epitome of some of the best 911s ever made.” 

Lemon’s car is exactly the same as it appeared on the showroom floor in the 80s, and what an era that was for the Porsche name. From Risky Business to Against All Odds, with many films in-between, Hollywood surely made Porsche a household name in the 80s, if it wasn’t already. Lemon’s Porsche preference has a pop-culture streak running through it, as well as a sentimental one.

“This is an all-original car. It’s all-original paint. We’ve had no modifications to it. It’s all original interior. When I was a kid, I grew up in central Illinois on a farm, way before the internet. I had a poster of a car, and it was a white 911. When I got the opportunity to buy this car in 2000, it was kind of a dream come true for me, because it was always something that I thought would never really happen for me. We’ve hung onto this car because it has a special place in our hearts and in our family.” 

Moving on to the powerful 5-liter 928, Lemon gave the Tri-W News an up-close example of what is under the hood. You’ll have to check out the video footage to get the full effect.

Check out our video coverage to see more of these awesome cars. Photo by Michel Bowen

“This is a whole different beast. It’s a 1989 5-liter. It’s water cooled with an automatic transmission. It’s a totally different car than the 911, but once again it’s a Porsche, so it’s cool. We’ve got a covid car here. When you sit around in the middle of 2020 and get on the internet, you dream of things that you’d love to have. I always wanted Tom Cruise’s Risky Business car.”

To get the full story, and to see and hear these cars on the move, check out our video coverage on the Tri-W News YouTube channel. For more on the Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers, come out to a meet on the second Sunday of each month, join the Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers Facebook page, or visit their website at waxhawcoffeecruisers.com.

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