Weddington Named Top Suburb in North Carolina

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Home is where one starts from

Reuben B. Weddington would be proud. The bucolic town that bears his name and was incorporated into Union County on May 2, 1983 was just named as the Top Suburb in North Carolina as part of the financial website, 24/7 WallStreet ( 2019 Best Suburbs in America.

Using a weighted analysis of the nation’s suburban towns and cities, the site used criteria such as median home values, unemployment rates, average travel times to work, median household incomes, home ownership rates, poverty rates, number of violent crimes reported per 100,000 residents, number of property crimes reported per 100,000 residents and access to places for physical activity.

Weddington, with a population of 10,388 residents had a median household income of $133,262 (165% higher than the state median). The home ownership was 98%, significantly above the national average of 64%. The average commute time for Weddington residents was 31.0 minutes.

Beyond the numbers, Weddington is uniquely positioned as Charlotte suburb. If you want the shiny buildings and stadiums in uptown Charlotte, you’re a mere 30 minutes away. If you want the plethora of restaurants and shopping found in Ballantyne and Blakeney, you’re a stone’s throw away. If you want farms, churches, green space, fields of sunflowers and that hometown feeling, then you’ve found it in the almost 16 square miles of Weddington.

When I arrived in Charlotte and moved to Ballantyne almost 18 months ago, I explored Weddington on my first weekend in North Carolina. Travelling down Providence Road, I encountered this picturesque town that reminded me of a close friend of many years back home, Davida Wedington. It was as if she was watching over me from afar. I found a special warmth in this town and to learn more about its history.

I quickly learned that Friday night football games are part of the town not just part of the school as it is back home in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Homes are required to be on one acre lots not stacked on top of each other. It’s a small town feeling that is lacking in the big cities that I was accustomed to in the Northeast. More importantly, the people were welcoming to this stranger to North Carolina.

I’m proud to live so close to Weddington and want to extend the warmest of congratulations to the residents and businesses of Weddington on this honor.

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