Weddington Town Council – Monday, November 9, 2020

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WEDDINGTON, NC – The Weddington Town Council assembled on Monday, July 13, to hold their regular monthly town council meeting.  Upon completion of formalities, first on this month’s agenda were mayoral and council member reports. These reports included discussions of the publicization of the Western Union Municipal Alliance (WUMA) logo and links on local municipality websites. WUMA, or the alliance, as it is commonly referred to, is a group consisting of delegates from the elected boards of Weddington, Wesley Chapel, Marvin, Stallings, and Mineral Springs, formed to address regional issues affecting towns in Western Union County. The group’s focus at the present appears to be in an effort to limit high-density developments in surrounding unincorporated municipalities. Council reports concluded with the topic of insurance-policy review, related to a past suit in which the Town’s coverage was inadequate. An opportunity for public comment followed; no comments were brought forth. 

Next on the agenda was the public safety report presented by the Union County Sheriff’s Department. Increasing traffic accidents and high speeds in residential areas were the topics of focus. The safety report concluded with a reminder to visit to fill out a mobile radar trailer request form to help with speeding issues in your area. Following the safety report was a lengthy presentation from Roots Farm, a large farm primarily within Weddington’s borders, regarding a future application for site-specific zoning, potentially exempting the farm from current Residential Conservation District restrictions. The council expressed traffic concerns regarding the large number of homes to be established, and concerns around tax-revenue, regarding the farm’s potential qualification for tax exemptions.

Upon completion of the zoning presentation, the council moved to approve a proclamation designating November 28, 2020, as Small Business Saturday. Old business followed, with a discussion of the Weddington-Marvin annex agreement, and a call for a public hearing on December 14, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. regarding the agreement.

New Business followed with the discussion of a WUMA proposal centering around regional land-use planning as it relates to Union County’s Union 2050 Comprehensive Plan. A discussion followed in support of the Town of Mineral Springs against a proposed high-density rezoning at New Town Road. Concluding new business was a presentation of changes to a unified development ordinance (UDO) draft regarding proposed zoning regulations and the approval of a proclamation honoring the life and service of Weddington’s Lt.j.g. Morgan Garrett.

Updates from the Town Planner and Finance Officer followed, including discussions of a future controlled burn and software strategy. The meeting concluded with council comments and a transportation report focusing on a discussion of the implications of the potential future widening of Highway 74.

The full meeting is available to watch on the Town of Weddington Youtube page.

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