Weddington Town Hall February Meeting

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WEDDINGTON, NC – There has been a rise in vehicle break-ins.  Residents are advised to turn on their security cameras, outside lights, and report suspicious activity.  Also, it is recommended that drivers watch their speeds on the roads, especially during times of inclement weather and with recent freezing temperatures.

The board approved a renewal for participation in the 2022 Deer Urban Archery Season, which will run from January 15, 2022 to February 20, 2022.  The purpose of the Urban Archery Season is to enable municipalities to reduce urban deer populations through increased hunter opportunity.  Hunters are legally required to obtain written permission on posted property.

Walt Hogan was appointed to the remaining one-year Planning Board vacancy.

Revisions were brought forth in the employee handbook.  Language was changed to reflect gender neutrality.  Employee acknowledgement was moved to the back of the handbook.  Also mentioned was the practice of what to do prior to an employee being terminated.  Said employee needs to be notified and given an opportunity to be heard.

Previously, an apartment complex proposed to put 310 multi-family apartments on 19 acres of land (16 units per acre). This is not within the town’s ordinances.  The traffic density would be greatly affected.  As a result, the Board approved the resolution to oppose this high-density residential rezoning at the southwest corner of New Town Road and Providence Road for Aventon Apartment Complex.  The Town Council agrees that this represents the desires of the citizens and will serve as a greater good for the community.

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