Wesley Chapel Council Convenes For February

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All Council members were present at the February Council meeting, with exception of Mr. William Rodriguez.

The meeting opened with public comments, as the Council members listened to citizens of the Village of Wesley Chapel.

One of the concerns brought to the board by a private citizen was the danger and neglect of certain privately owned lots in the Village, as they have attracted unwanted wildlife and become an eyesore.

Later in the meeting, the Council discussed the topic of what actions should be taken towards the remedy of these lots. Several unkempt locations in the county were given by address, and the solutions, ranging from possible clean up costs being covered by the town, to letting the lots continue to sit as they are, were widely discussed.

Although the Council all reported feeling a sense of duty to take care of these disintegrating properties, especially given the negative effects they have on neighbors and danger they potentially pose to locals, they worried about the financial burden the town may incur by taking action towards their clean up.

Given the seriousness of possible financial liability to taxpayers of initiating this project, the council felt it best to delay a decision on how to move forward until they were able to get more information.

Next, Wesley Chapel Youth Council again reported on their progress toward their upcoming 5K, the Jig N Jog, and Spring Festival. A car show has been added to the already established list of entertainment, which will be featured alongside food trucks, games and vendors. The young people of the council have been doing a diligent and commendable job in planning this event for the community.

The Planning Board Committee presented information surrounding parking space dimension standards for Wesley Chapel. The current size requirements are 9×18; however, this was being evaluated to make the sure it was the most advantageous for both businesses and residents. The council ruled in favor of keeping the space size requirements as is.

The Planning Board also presented the conclusions of their discussion regarding land-clearing/ clear cutting within the Village. Ultimately, they came to the conclusion that they needed to do more research before making a recommendation to the Council.

Along with this, Planning Board also requested an extension on a recommendation on the standing Conservation Ordinance, until they had time to gather more information.

Finally, the Deputy Report consisted of four breaking and enterings, five larcenies, and other petty crimes committed in January in Wesley Chapel.

This report was followed by the Union County Sheriff’s Office, who gave a highly detailed and informative presentation concerning the possibility of hiring another deputy to be assigned to Wesley Chapel. The Sheriff’s Office cited the up-coming widening of route 84, and the growth of Wesley Chapel as reasons the town would soon be in need of added support in our location.

The Council vowed to discuss the details of the possibility of an additional deputy, but seemed impressed with the presentation of the Sheriff’s Office.

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