What To Do If You Are Curious About Massage

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Some people are pros at booking massages. They love massages, happily extol the many fine points of why they receive them and happily recommend their favorite therapist. Then there are the curious ones: never had a massage but open to the experience. They are on the fence, unsure of what massage really means.

I believe education is the key to getting the best out of a situation. The more you know, the better you’re going to feel about the experience. First, do your research. Google what massage means. Google types of massage offered (therapeutic, neuromuscular, Swedish, relaxing). What particular issues do different types of massages address?

Next, look for a licensed massage therapist in your area. Make sure they are licensed by NC and that they are in good standing. This is easily checked online at https://www.bmbt.org/. Beware of “therapists” who don’t display their license number in their office or on their web site.

Check out your potential therapist’s website and social media sites. Ask around the community to see who people recommend. Contact potential therapists and ask questions. Many times we can answer questions over the phone that might make you feel at ease. Massage therapists as a whole are empathetic, we want to help you feel comfortable about the services we provide. And we encourage you to “audition” therapists. There are many great therapists, so choose someone you have a rapport with and build a therapeutic relationship with them. Next week we’ll talk about what happens at your first visit.

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