Yesterday and Today meet at Broome Barber Shop

Broome Barber Shop is at 118 N Main St, Waxhaw, NC 28173

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Broome Barber Shop is the oldest established business in Waxhaw, NC, and one that many of us walk by without a second glance, unless you are one of the lucky gentleman that knows about this unique gem.  Founded in the 1940’s by John Byrum, it was purchased by Wade Broome in 1948.  Back in the early days, Broome Barber Shop had showers in the back and a laundry service.  Men would come in for a trim and a shave as well as to take a shower before going to church on Sunday.  The next week would see the same men do it all over again, picking up their cleaned coveralls and dropping off their dirty ones.  Although the showers are long gone, the same care and precision is still given to its customers by the current barbers headed by owner Kathy Matthews.

When Matthews first started bringing in her young sons in for haircuts in the early 1990s, Mr. Broome was the only barber in the shop.  He would be the first haircut for many of the boys in the area and had a special board that he laid across the arms of his barber chair.  He would trim and shave men throughout their lives and offered free haircuts to those who were 100 years or older.  These same traditions are still alive with Matthews and her team.  There is a new board for the children, since Mr. Broome took his when he retired, haircuts still come with a complimentary neck shave or eyebrow trim, and if you are 100 or older, you can still get your free haircuts.  But all this wouldn’t have been possible without the special relationship that Matthews had with Mr. Broome.  Because while she was bringing her sons in for haircuts, Mr. Broome saw something special in Matthews.  When she mentioned that she was going back to school to be a medical transcriptionist, Mr. Broome encouraged her to go to Barber School and even offered to buy her tools if she did.  So she enrolled in the program and once she graduated, took the second chair at the shop.  She faced a steep uphill battle being a woman in a men’s barber shop.  But eventually the customers came to trust her with their cuts and shaves, and she after a bit bought the shop from Mr. Broome.  “It’s the best decision I have ever been talked into,” says Matthews.  Mr. Broome passed away in 1998 but many of his stuffed deer heads and other decorations are still there.

There are three other stylist who work with Matthews: Jonathan Kendall, Tammy Moree, and Cindy Black.  Kendall has been with the shop for 8 years now and was hired by Matthew’s son back when he was still with the shop.  He still lives in Stanfield, NC and had never heard of Waxhaw or Broome Barber Shop when the call came.  However, now he considers it like home away from home.  Moree has been barbering for 30 years and the last five have been with Broome.  She was happy to come because she loves the old fashioned values they have.  “It’s not fancy and it’s affordable,” she said.  Black has been barbering for 25 years but only 6 months with Broome.  In fact, it was Black’s addition that prompted the fourth chair being built.   And all four chairs are often full at the same time even though Broome Barber Shop doesn’t take appointments.  They are walk in only and only take cash or check.

There is a very real sense of family among the staff and customers.  Pictures line the mirrors and vintage ads line the walls.  Harling “Butch” Butcher, from Waxhaw, has been coming for about 8 years.  He says, “My grandkids starting coming here and they’ve had their hair cut by Jonathon forever.  It’s convenient and they’ve been very good.”  The Broome Barber Shop FaceBook page often has updates on when barbers are going to be away from the shop, updates on hours, and pictures of the deer heads dressed up for the holidays.  The TV is often tuned to Andy Griffin reruns after lunch and prices haven’t changed much either.  It’s still $13 for a regular haircut and $11 for seniors.  Matthews finishes with, “Our typical customers are men and boys of all ages. From good old fashioned haircuts to the most modern, our specialties come with a complimentary eyebrow and/or mustache trim and neck shave for the adults. We also do beard trim and design. Our hours are Monday and Wednesday, 7-5. Tuesday and Thursday, 7-8. Friday, 7-6. We take our last client 15 minutes prior to closing, just so we can finish up and clean before going home. We’re proud to serve Waxhaw and surrounding areas for the last 78 years or so and look forward to many more years! “

Broome Barber Shop – 118 W North Main St, Waxhaw, NC 28173 – (704) 843-1892

Broome Barber Shop is at 118 N Main St, Waxhaw, NC 28173
Owner Kathy Matthews gives Harling “Butch” Butcher a trim at Broome Barber Shop.
Cindy Black and Tammy Moree work on their clients hair.
The inside of Broome Barber Shop showcases current family photos and statues and deer heads from the original owner.
A mix of new and old cover the walls at Broome Barber Shop.
All four barber chairs are full at Broome Barber Shop.
The four stylists at Broome Barber Shop pose outside the shop. (LtR) Cindy Black, Kathy Matthews, Jonathan Kendall, and Tammy Moree
(LtR) Cindy Black, Kathy Matthewsm, Jonathan Kendall, and Tammy Moree outside of Broome Barber Shop.
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