Downtown Parking: Parking and Where to Find it

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The first question on many people’s minds when visiting downtown Waxhaw is, “Where do we park?” The question is more important now than ever, as many people visit downtown in the spring and summer to enjoy shops, restaurants, art galleries, and events. Fortunately, the Town of Waxhaw is taking steps to improve parking downtown.

During the Spring of 2016, the Town completed a Downtown Parking Study. In accordance with the study’s results, the Town has recently taken a major step to increase parking options downtown. The Town worked with the Waxhaw Woman’s Club on a shared parking agreement, which means that the newly paved and expanded parking lot at 200 E. S. Main Street is now available for public parking when neither the Town nor Woman’s Club have scheduled events.

In addition to the many available on-street parking spaces, the Town also provides free public parking at 216 W. N. Main Street, across from the Waxhaw United Methodist Church. Look for the brown parking signs, download the Main Street Waxhaw App, or check out the Downtown Parking Map for more information.

Downtown Waxhaw Offers 461 Parking Spaces:

Public Parking:
216 W. N. Main Street
200 E. S. Main Street
On-Street Parking (see map)
Dedicated Parking for Businesses

Before visiting downtown on events days, such as the May 20th Kaleidoscope Festival, July 17th Farm Fresh Festival, or July 4th Parade, be sure to check the Town’s events calendar, available on the website. Special parking rules apply on those days.

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