Waxhaw Farmer’s Market

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️We thank you so much during this time of uncertainty and confusion. We realize eggs, meat, produce (and toilet paper) are scarce in the grocery stores, and many of you have turned to the farmers market as an incredibly wise and wonderful option for these items (minus the toilet paper). We are grateful for our new customers and interest you have in healthy options for you and your family. We hope you will continue to support our farmers & vendors long after the times we are facing now are past us. And, as always, we thank our continued customers!

As our farmers have worked hard to provide you with healthy produce options these past couple of weeks, the true growing season begins in May. You can expect their tables to be overflowing with offerings soon, so please be understanding when they sell out early – in a couple of weeks, produce availability will be incredible. Also, chickens aren’t laying as many eggs as they usually do during this time, but we are fortunate to have many vendors who raise chickens and can provide eggs to the market. Lastly, meat processing facilities are backed up so our meat vendors are doing the best they can to get their livestock processed. We need your continued support and understanding as the effects of COVID-19 continue to unfold.  ️ 

Our hours are: Saturdays from 9am – 12pm

Kindly wait till 9 am to shop, our vendors need time to set up and have everything ready for you.

Our address: 27290 Waxhaw Parkway

Check out our new website: click on the link belowwww.waxhawfarmersmarket.org

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