Waxhaw’s new hometown realtor

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Buying or selling a home does not have to be a trying and cumbersome event as many of us have come to expect. In fact, in the hands of the right people, it can be, well almost, a pleasant experience. Fortunately for residents here in Waxhaw and surrounding towns, the right people are ready and happy to assist you. Jimmy Grappone and Bill Cormier, the principals of The CG Realty Group, have partnered with local real estate firm, Skyecroft Realty Group, located at 101C Waxhaw Professional park Drive, Waxhaw, NC 28173. 704-879-3002. The web address is www.cggrouprealestate.com, or visit their Facebook page at www.facebookcom/cggrouprealtors.

Jimmy and Bill are local residents and active with social issues, and in the community. They are the people responsible for the ‘Pups ‘n Pints’ adoption event at Dreamchaser’s Brewery last year, and the current one, planned for March 25th at Mary O’Neill’s Pub. It is not too much of a stretch to say they they are as passionate about finding homes for these dogs as they are about selling homes. But these men are seasoned real estate professionals, and take the responsibilities that entails personally, both from the business and the relationship sides of the process. This is one of the key attributes that sets them apart from the others.

For many people, a real estate transaction is something to be endured rather than seen as an exciting step to what comes next. First timers and old hands alike view buying and selling a home as a chore. It does not have to be. Grappone and Cormier Have previously worked at large organizations with numerous offices and agents, where the bottom line was everything. It was an enlightening experience that informed their operating philosophy and became the foundation on which CG Group is modeled. What they learned is that the best deals are accomplished by attending to the details and by addressing the individual needs of the client, in other words, by working for the clients and not the company. This is their version of professionalism.

The atmosphere at the CG group is relaxed because their goal is not simply a profitable transaction; it is a fair transaction that ends with smiles and good feelings on all sides. With them, it’s about more than the dollars; that’s how they work.  The CG Group motto: Simplifying real estate by educating and informing the client. But there is more to their success than that. A knowledgeable buyer or seller will always find the process less challenging, but the intricacies associated with it, concerns like financing, timing and logistics, often find a way to insert themselves into the most carefully laid plans. When circumstances demand it, the agent must have the willingness and the ability to go off script. Grappone and Cormier know this; it is how they work. Providing individualized solutions that are tailored to address those issues is what they do best.

The fact is, every real estate transaction is unique and comes with its own set of specific priorities. One size does not fit all. Procedure is important, but only as a guideline. Jimmy and Bill take on their own clients but work together, pooling their resources and knowledge and by putting their client’s priorities ahead of their own. Waxhaw’s new hometown real estate team looks forward to your visit.

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