North Carolina Deca – 2020 Revival Tour

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This year’s NC DECA CDC was exhilarating for Weddington’s students, just as it has been in the past. The DECA CDC involves business-related activities in which the participants compete in a specific area of the larger business world. There are 58 total events at the high school level, which range from hotel and Lodging Management to Business Finance, and from Marketing Communications to Personal Financial Literacy.

As detailed on the next pages, our students received a myriad of awards. Their self-preparation, along with chapter and schooling preparation, certainly paid off this year. Weddington had 14 top ten winners for the competitor’s respective event. 1st through 5th place receives the highly esteemed “DECA Glass”: a glass trophy signifying a competitor’s achievements. Weddington had 5 DECA Glass winners. Among the Individual awards, the Weddington DECA chapter received NC DECA’s Civic Awareness Award for Community Service. 

Anna Brown, a senior and this year’s Weddington DECA Chapter President placed fifth in her event Retail Merchandising. Anna is historically a successful DECA competitor and was humbled by this year’s fifth-place win. “[Receiving my award] felt powerful, but [was] extremely humbling at the same time. Being surrounded by so many talented people, [along with] being one of them is immensely rewarding.” 

Sreekar Kompella, a current sophomore, won first place in his event Business Services Marketing. Sreekar is “planning on attending ICDC and hopefully [will have] the same fantastic experience that I had at the NC CDC this year”.

Needless to say, Weddington’s DECA members, officers, advisors, and chaperones had an incredible time at this year’s CDC. Our ICDC bound competitors are already excitedly preparing for the next level of nerve-racking competition. Our members that will not be attending ICDC are eagerly waiting for what next year will bring.

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