How To Make Your Dream Home Reality

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CHARLOTTE – In the weeks leading up, we have spoken about different products, strategies, do’s/dont’s, etc., but it would be good to tie it all together.  So, let’s talk about the actual mortgage process and what to expect! In this article I will give a step-by-step of the mortgage process:

  1. Pre-Approval – This is the stage in which your financial information is reviewed PRIOR to finding a home to ensure financing is possible
  2. Under Contract: Once you are pre-approved and have financing in place, this is where you would place and offer on a home and have it accepted!
  3. Processing: Processing is where the lender ties together the pre-approval (financing) with the contract (home being purchased) to make the financing specific to the terms and conditions of the agreed-upon contract.
  4. Underwriting: All information gathered on the home and individual is then sent to the underwriter to officially approve the tow and ensure all criteria has been met.
  5. Pre-Closing: Once underwriting approves the home (with the appraisal/title work) and the documents provided by the client, the closing “package” – final and exact numbers – began being finalized with all parties (insurance, attorney, lender, etc.)
  6. Closing: Once all numbers are finalized, a time/day will be scheduled by your realtor/attorney to come in, sign the final documents, and make the homes yours!!

In any home buying process, those 6 steps above can be very simple with the right help from a realtor and mortgage loan originator.  If any help is needed with your journey, please do not hesitate to call/text/email ( / (704) 430-6138.

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Brandon Wolf
Brandon was born and raised in the Mint Hill area and graduated from Independence High School. He went on to play college baseball at Wingate University. Brandon met his wife at Independence HS, dated all through HS, college and got married right after college (they have a little boy due in September). Brandon has been a Mortgage Loan Officer, in Mint Hill, for over 7 years. "Mint Hill is more than the place I work, it's been my home. I grew up, played baseball, met my wife. I truly love helping people get mortgages in this town I have always called HOME" says Brandon.