When Is A Good Time To Buy A Home?

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CHARLOTTE – In the last few years, housing professionals have been posed with the question of, “when is a good time to buy a home?” Some have phrased the question with “is there a best time of year?” whereas other have asked the question in general, given the nature of the market. From a seasonal standpoint, many people believe the fall is the best time to purchase, as there is typically less competition in the market with families sending children back to school.  In addition, this year in particular, the National Association of REALTORS have released a statement stating that there are more homes for sale now, than during any point in the last twelve months, giving buyers a little more choices and control.

Now people will state the rates and prices are too high, and they are going to wait until they come down.  The first piece to understand is that an interest rate is temporary.  As soon as they come down, a refinance can be accomplished to lower the rate and achieve a lower payment. In addition, a survey was done by Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey in which 60% of renters have stated they want to purchase as soon as their lease ends.  That statistic alone will show that the demand is still present.  This will cause homes to maintain value and/or increase as time passes (just as we saw the last couple of years).

If you have any questions about the market, especially financing, please do not hesitate to have them call/text or email brandon.wolf@primisbank.com – (704) 430-6138.

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Brandon Wolf
Brandon was born and raised in the Mint Hill area and graduated from Independence High School. He went on to play college baseball at Wingate University. Brandon met his wife at Independence HS, dated all through HS, college and got married right after college (they have a little boy due in September). Brandon has been a Mortgage Loan Officer, in Mint Hill, for over 7 years. "Mint Hill is more than the place I work, it's been my home. I grew up, played baseball, met my wife. I truly love helping people get mortgages in this town I have always called HOME" says Brandon.