Adding Space to Your Existing Home

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WAXHAW, NC – In this market with skyrocketing home prices, many potential sellers are reconsidering listing their homes. Homes may sell within a day and over asking, but where will the sellers go? Will the new home be an upgrade from the one they already have? There may be a solution sitting over your head (or beneath your feet). Whether you are outgrowing your current space or just wanting to add value to your home, consider finishing space you already have.

The attic may be a great place to start. Considering homes in some areas are going for $200+/sf, the $30-$60/sf price tag of finishing an attic may be appealing. Even at the upper end of $200/sf, the investment will pay off in the end.

Before you get started, however, consult an engineer to make sure you have enough overhead clearance and your floor joists can support the extra weight. You will also need to consider installing fans, skylights or dormer windows. Heat rises and the added space will heat up quickly if not properly ventilated. Windows will allow natural light to enter the newly created living space and dormer windows not only add curb appeal but additional square footage as well.

Finishing a basement may cost upwards of $75/sf. However, major renovations may be more cost effective compared to renovating an attic if you have an existing finished basement. Consider your options, determine what will best suit your needs, then enjoy your new home!

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