2018 Southern Carolina Football All Conference Players Named

Tri-W-Area High School Football.

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Sam Howell QB, Sun Valley Spartans. Offensive Player of the Year.
Spartans Jack Wilton making a tackle.
Defensive football action during the season. (Tri-W-News)
Davis Walker QB, Cuthbertson Cavaliers.
James Shipley WR, Weddington Warriors.
Whitner Litton QB, Weddington Warriors.

In the Tri-W-News area we cover five Union County high schools.  Cuthbertson, Marvin Ridge, Parkwood, Sun Valley and Weddington.

Sun Valley Spartans Senior Sam Howell was selected Offensive Player of the Year.  Weddington Warriors Junior Ian Williams was named Special Teams Player of the Year.

The following players were selected All-Conference: 

Cuthbertson Cavaliers

Davis Walker QB, Griffin Kelly TE/HB, Chris Panko LB/S, Trevor Grant WR, Jarred Jennings OL/DL.

Marvin Ridge Mavericks

Jason Stricker K/P, Will Smith LB, Zach Yaggi OL, Sean Brown WR, Jonathan Clark DE.

Parkwood Rebels 

Kyle Knox WR/DE, Austin Cain TE/ILB, Tanner Evans RB/OLB.

Sun Valley Spartans 

Michael Larbie OL, Gavin Blackwell WR, Cam Maddox DB, Cesar Minarro OL, Jack Wilton, LB, Isiah Hall WR, Jordan Ladson DL.

Weddington Warriors 

Joe Zovistowski DE, Will Shipley RB, James Shipley WR/FS/Returner, Max Brimigion WR, Whitner Litton QB, Alec Mock LB, Trey Alsbrooks DE, Eamon Murphy LB, Ian Williams K/P.

All the above recognized local athletes along with their teammates, head coaches and coaching staffs provided the fans and students from each high school represented many exciting thrills, spills, and action on the field during the 2018 football season.


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