A look at preseason Softball

Coach East thrilled about upcoming season!!

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I got a chance to catch up with Jeremy East,  Cuthbertson High School Varsity Softball Coach. Jeremy, only had preseason observations available at the time, but  I must admit I got a little anxious to see these Women in action.

After a bit of research I was really excited to learn more of the history of this team.  I must say I was impressed with the talent on this team after graduating six seniors last season.

Coach East didn’t reveal too much, but was obviously excited about the upcoming season.  Operating with a young but talented team there are several players projected to show an undeniable growth in skill.  I was equally impressed by the diversity of character the coach and I discussed.  Junior Hailey Seering is known for bringing a no nonsense verbal presence to her team.  While Junior M. Haggarty plays with an immense amount of intensity, but doesn’t say much.

Please do not get me wrong, both of these players have made a mark and are expected to only grow as athletes.  At the same time, to have a young team with so many points of leadership is a weapon that is often overlooked.  Coach East and I discussed everything from the grades of his players to the cooperation of the weather in relation to the season.  And coach was all smiles across the board.

One of the hidden but quintessential factors to the optimism of Coach East is not only the talent of the bunch he’s shepherding this season, but the maturity and character that comes along with it.  I’m not sure about you, but I for one am looking forward to the season!

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