Champions Usher in the Next Generation at Cuthbertson Track Camp

Elementary school runners at Cuthbertson's track camp (Credit: D.M. Wallace)

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First through ninth grade athletes from across Union County gathered together last week at Cuthbertson High School’s track camp to experience the world of track and field and to learn under the guidance of the decorated athletes and renowned coaches of the school’s track program.

A close race on day four of camp (Credit: D.M. Wallace)

During the four day camp, athletes had the opportunity to participate in and learn about events from each of the nine different event categories. Athletes formed three groups and rotated through different stations in preparation for the mock meet to be held on day four. Groups ran in distance events, sprints and hurdles before moving on to long jump, triple jump, high jump and pole vault. Finally, they were introduced to the shot put and discus. Day four saw the groups come together for friendly competition where the future NCHSAA athletes displayed all that they had learned.

Middle school sprinters take things a bit more seriously (Credit: D.M. Wallace)

Head track coach Dustin Allen said that the track camp, which is in its second year, was created as a way to get athletes organized and excited about a sport that is a little different but very beneficial. He said that the camp allows the opportunity for athletes to experience a sport that can improve their performance in other sports and gives them the chance to understand the track and field experience despite its lack of comparable publicity in mainstream athletics.

Coach Elliot Lightfoot teaches about proper technique at Cuthbertson’s track camp (Credit: D.M. Wallace)

The high school athletes, graduates and coaches that facilitated the camp are some of the best and most qualified that the state has to offer. The 2018-2019 Cuthbertson track team won multiple championships including the women’s indoor state championship, the men’s and women’s Charlotte city championship, the women’s 1600 meter state championship, the women’s pole vault and high jump state championships and the men’s 4×200 indoor state championship.

Pole vaulting at Cuthbertson’s track camp (Credit: D.M. Wallace)


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