Men’s Lacrosse Wrap Up: Two Major Teams Dominate the Division

Lacrosse gloves and stick (Photo by D.M. Wallace)

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The overall records of teams in conference 14 tell a fairly balanced story.  A deeper look into conference records, however, tell the story of two dominating forces.

The two schools behind this conference takeover are Weddington and Charlotte Catholic.  Weddington, who is currently ranked 14 in the nation is 4-0 in the conference and Charlotte Catholic at 4-1 is equally as scary, as both teams have defeated most of their conference competition by double digit scores.

Weddington looks to improve on their 9-1 overall record this Thursday against the non-conference Christ School.

Parkwood finds itself at the other end of the conference spectrum at 0-4 (4-9 overall) after sustaining a loss against Charlotte Catholic last week.  The Rebels move on to play Sun Valley and Cuthbertson as they look to improve on their conference record.

Marvin Ridge, in the middle of the conference, starts this week with a 2-2 record in conference 14 and a 7-5 record overall after a 9-5 loss at Ardrey Kell.  The Mavericks play Lake Norman Charter this Tuesday.

Cuthbertson, coming off of a loss to Lake Norman Charter moves to 6-6 on the year and 1-3 in the conference.  Cuthbertson and Sun Valley (7-3 overall, 1-2 conference) face off against Parkwood this week for in conference games.

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