Parkwood Community and Waxhaw Police Department Celebrate Track and Field All-Stars

The 2019 Parkwood Men's 4x100 relay team (Credit: gofundme/Vic Montalvo)

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The Parkwood community came together last week with help from officer Vic Montalvo of the Waxhaw Police Department and the families of Parkwood athletes for a celebration dinner to honor North Carolina’s top 3A 4×100 relay team and their many accomplishments this season.  Parkwood seniors Chandler McClendon, Zach Barksdale, Kobe Funderburk and rising senior Wyne McGriff won first place in the 4×100 for both the Southern Carolina Conference championship and NCHSAA 3A state championship.  Their state championship victory was earned with a time of 41.62 seconds.

The dinner, hosted at the Waxhaw Police Department was also held to celebrate the relay team’s fifth place finish on the national stage, their subsequent All-American honors, the fourth place middle school national finish of rising freshman Wisdom Holmes and the community that came together to ensure their success.  Efforts to fund the team’s trip to nationals were organized by community outreach officers Vic Montalvo and Kevin Gasser whose campaign raised over $1700 through generous donations from individuals and companies in the Parkwood area. 

McGriff will continue to lead Parkwood’s track team as he moves into his new role as a senior next year. The three seniors will continue their careers and education this fall at the collegiate level.  McClendon will find his home at Holy Family University in Philadelphia, Barksdale at Limestone College in South Carolina and Funderburk at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.  

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