There is a Sport for Everyone in the Tri-W Area

An attempted block during a heated game of volleyball (Credit D.M. Wallace)

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The Tri-W community has a passion for sports that is matched by few others. The excitement and anticipation surrounding NCHSAA sports and their upcoming seasons is always encouraging for players, athletic associations, and the communities that support them. Sometimes, however, all of this excitement allows for many important athletic events to slip under the radar. Here is a look at some of the most interesting parts of the Tri-W area’s vibrant sports community.

Table Tennis

The Tri-W area is extremely active in the local table tennis scene. Teams from the area compete in tournaments throughout the year, and lessons are available from several coaches in Charlotte. In the heat of summer, there is hardly a better chance for recreation with tournaments played indoors in the cool air, and often for cash prizes.

A table tennis serve

One local team, the Monroe Table Tennis Club of NC, competed this past weekend in the USA Table Tennis sanctioned Falling Squirrel Open in Monroe, where they made a serious showing. The club meets weekly for play at the Dickerson Center in Monroe each Monday and Wednesday.

Adult Softball

The Waxhaw Athletic Association and Siler Presbyterian Church of Wesley Chapel both host seasons of adult softball that provide an incredible opportunity for community-building and family-friendly entertainment. While games take a more serious turn during tournament play, the respect and camaraderie between teams and fans make these adult softball leagues a real joy to spectate. The fall season is set to begin in late August.

The By Grace team at Siler Presbyterian Church (Credit: D.M. Wallace)

Sand Volleyball

For more than two decades, each Sunday, one group of Tri-W residents has met for some of the most competitive volleyball around.

Bill Carraway prepares to serve (Credit: D.M. Wallace)

This group of dedicated athletes plays year-round and hardly any temperature or weather can drive these men away from their weekly games. Athletes from all skill levels and age groups come out to compete against one another each week. This is one place, however, where age and skill have an unusual relationship.

Gene Wallace after a set
(Credit D.M. Wallace)

In fact, founding player Gene Wallace, despite being in his early 90s, has been known to go 15-0 from the serve. Wallace is stopped only, in many cases, by younger brother Spot who, undeterred by reports that he is a candidate for total knee and hip replacement, soars above the net to lay down blocks and spikes that leave the younger men in awe.

Spot Wallace goes for a spike (Credit: D.M. Wallace


A barbecue pastime has become a staple of the alternative sports community in recent years. The phenomenon that is cornhole has grown tremendously, and its popularity in the Tri-W area is expanding every day. Cornhole tournaments abound from Waxhaw to Charlotte, and cornhole is even making its appearance on the college sports scene.

A cornhole board

The American Cornhole League even offers scholarships to potential college-bound athletes. The Throwin’ for a Cure cornhole tournament returns to Charlotte on September 7. Money raised at the tournament will go to the DeAngelo Williams Foundation to fund efforts to develop and seek initiatives to support the eradication of breast cancer through preventive care and research. For more information, visit

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